When Laser Cutting Machine Meet Operation Problem ,How To Do (2)?

When Laser Cutting Machine Meet Operation Problem ,How To Do (2)?

Laser cutting machine is a laser beam that emits laser light from a laser and is focused into a high power density by a light path system. The laser beam is irradiated onto thace of the workpiece so that the wo

laser cutting machine for acrylic cutting

rkpiece reaches the melting point or boiling point while the high pressure gas coaxial with the beam blows the molten or gasified metal. As the beam and the workpiece relative to the location of the movement, the final material to form a slit, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting

Laser cutting machine is simple, but in the actual operation process often there will be a lot of problems, and now these issues for some suggestions, I hope the use of laser cutting machine friends help.

11 start vibration lens XY axis pendulum and dynamic motor abnormal sound pendulum
Replace ± 12 ± 15V switching power supply; replace ± 12 ± 28V switching power supply

12 no light
Whether the chiller back to normal water, W axis position is changed, DC48V32A laser power is normal, laser tube

13 boot panel No display?
5V12V24V switching power supply is normal, display panels and so on

14 boot does not return to the origin of the display panel failure?
Replace the offline card

15 Z-axis does not feed or exercise weak?
Z-axis feed motor problems, drive problems, bearings, foreign body stuck and so on

16 glass tube is not light?
Glass tube light control mainly laser tube, laser power supply, water cycle system and the light signal, the light signal also includes the card gives the PWM light signal, water protection signal, door switch signal. So the laser tube is not mainly from the laser tube laser power supply water circulation system and the light signal several aspects of the first general view of the laser power is directly connected to the power, the laser tube tube outside the tube is abnormal, whether the normal water circulation system, if not normal For the corresponding replacement or adjustment. In the above aspects of the normal circumstances should consider the optical signal problem, generally first with a short circuit (shorted laser power supply current 5v and AIN short water protection P and GND with no lock switch control L and GND) method Test laser tube and laser power supply. If this method can be normal light that laser tube laser power failure, water protection switches, relays, door switches, board pwm signal signal problems, followed by the exclusion can be. If this method does not light the laser tube or laser power problems, in the case of bad judgment with the replacement method can be resolved.

17 RF laser tube is not light?
In the case of water lane smooth normal start the case of laser power supply DC 48v is normal; laser tube 25-pin plug 4 feet and 13 feet of conduction can be conductive that the water protection signal is normal, can not turn on water protection; Measure the voltage of 7 feet and 20 feet is not pre-adjusted or the beginning of the DC voltage in the 4 to 5V or so, according to the pre-tune or start in 1 to 3v or so as the normal signal (low level conduction). If the water, power and these two signals are generally can generally determine the laser tube failure. If the signal is not normal, it is a board problem or circuit problems.

18 RF laser tube connected to show the laser tube connection error?
In the connector (internal line without desoldering short circuit), the power line (left and right negative negative with the ground with the same), the water connection normal restart the chiller and equipment can not be connected after the normal is twenty-five pin connector The problem of connecting the circuit board is broken or is not compatible with the board and the non-encrypted tube is not compatible with the board

19 cutting machine cutting dislocation?
(Cut or cross-line graphics cut after the distance is too large) ”
1.) Feed cutting error 1 is the feed step step distance = measured length * the original step / real length (set the feed length) Second, check the feed shaft of the timing belt with the wheel with the motor timing belt locking wheel Whether the loosening of the three is rolling net loose and feed the axis between the relative sliding there is to see if there is a card phenomenon
2.) No feed cutting error 1 is the cart motor or optical axis synchronous wheel loose two is lost step phenomenon may be the processing speed of the air speed or acceleration is too large may be too large motor vehicle line contact may be a reminder The current is too small may be bad drive or bad motor bad motor bad and lost the phenomenon of less

20 feed length feed
Feeding machine length feed is generally the photoelectric switch is bad or the photoelectric switch light sensitivity is not on the feeder photoelectric switch light sensitivity adjustable in the case of long closed up and down the two switches at the same time when the light when the feeder began to work when the light sensitivity is too Sensitive, even if there is a cutting material will be blocked for the light through the light so the length of the feed at this time to adjust the photoelectric switch wiring sensitivity adjustment knob to adjust the material to block when the photoelectric switch indicator light can be.