What are the products that are suitable for metal laser cutting at present?

What are the products that are suitable for metal laser cutting at present?

At present, the application of laser cutting machine is widely used in low carbon steel plate less than 12mm thick, stainless steel plate less than 6mm thick and non metal material less than 20mm thick. The cutting of 3D space curves has also been applied in automobile and aviation industry. At present, products suitable for metal laser cutting can be classified into three categories.

The first category.

It is not suitable to manufacture metal sheet metal parts from the technical and economic point of view, especially the low carbon steel with less than 12mm thickness and less than 6mm thick, which is complex in shape and small in bulk, so as to save the cost and cycle of manufacturing die. Automatic elevator structure, lifting elevator panel, machine tool and grain machinery cover, various electrical cabinets, switchgear, textile machinery parts, construction machinery parts, large motor silicon steel sheet, are the typical products that have been adopted at present.

The second category.

Stainless steel (generally less than 3mm) or nonmetallic materials (general thickness less than 20mm) used in decoration, advertising and service industries. For example, the design of the photo album, the logo of the company, the unit, the guesthouse, the shopping center, the Chinese and English fonts in the stations, wharfs and public places.

The third category.

Special parts that require uniform slit. The most widely used typical parts are the die cutting plates used in the packaging and printing industry, which requires the cutting of a slot with a width of 0.7~0.8mm on a 20mm thick wood template, and a blade inlaid in the slot. Use fashionable dress on the die cutting machine and cut out all kinds of packing boxes with printed graphics. A new area of domestic application in recent years is the oil seams.In order to prevent sediment from entering the oil well pump, a uniform slit less than 0.3mm wide is cut on the alloy steel pipe with a wall thickness of 6~9mm. The diameter of the holes in the punched hole can not be greater than 0.3mm, and the cutting technology is difficult. Many units have been put into production.

Especially in recent years, with the improvement of the processing precision and the rising of the price of raw materials around the world, the laser equipment with low consumption, high efficiency and high precision has become the focus of attention. According to the statistics of relevant departments, 65% of laser cutting machines are processed by laser cutting machines. Laser welding accounts for about 20% laser punching, marking less than 10%, and other applications accounting for about 5%. In our country, more and more users have seen the unique and efficient performance of laser cutting. It has been widely used in automotive industry, aerospace, switching industry, locomotive manufacturing and metal material processing industry.

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