Summer high temperature – maintenance of laser cutting machine

Summer high temperature – maintenance of laser cutting machine

Warm prompt users: as the summer temperature rises, the air humidity is big, your laser cutting machine needs the summer heat.

The summer job is as follows:

1.The summer temperature increases, the laser cutting machine cooling system working pressure increases, it is recommended to check the maintenance of the internal pressure of cooling machine before the advent of high temperature. Note: different manufacturers have different equipment pressure. It is recommended to consult manufacturers before maintenance.

2. The dust of fiber laser cutting machine is mainly metal powder. We should regularly clean up the dust and check the cooling fan in the mechanical and electrical cabinet of laser cutting.

3. When the temperature is higher, the cooling water will also deteriorate. It is suggested that users of optical fiber laser cutting machine use distilled water or pure water to clean the scale regularly so as to avoid the influence of laser power in the laser and pipeline. Note: different types of laser cutting machines are different in cleaning scale. Please operate under the guidance of equipment manufacturers.

4.Pay attention to the cooling water temperature should not be too different from the air temperature, laser cutting machine laser and optical lenses are using water cooling mode. As the water in the air is cold, it condenses into ice. When the temperature of the cooling water is too low, the surface of the laser and the optical lens will have condensation, which greatly affects the efficiency of the laser, and has a great influence on the laser energy and the service life of the optical accessories. Suggestion: set water temperature to 30-32 degrees, control cooling water temperature and room temperature difference is greater than 7 degrees.

Conclusion: frequent maintenance of laser cutting machine can not only save economic costs, but also increase the service life. Therefore, focusing on the maintenance of laser cutting machine can provide a good foundation for future use. Summer comes, let’s do a good job in summer for laser cutting machine.


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Do You Know Laser Cutting Machine Inspection And Maintenance of Four Skills ?

Do You Know Laser Cutting Machine Inspection And Maintenance of Four Skills ?

Laser cutting machine, a new type of equipment for cutting, according to the application can be divided into metal laser cutting machine, wood laser cutting machine and fabric laser cutting machine. Today we mainly talk about the fabric laser cutting machine.

Laser Cutting Machine
Laser Cutting Machine

With the continuous development of the times, China’s laser cutting machine industry is also in constant development, so there are so many consumers are widely used in laser cutting machine for fabric cutting, laser cutting machine and is widely used in various industries.

Today, I will tell you some tips about how to protect your laser cutting machine.
1 general laser cutting machine on the most easy to wear is the laser cutting head, as long as the use of a longer time, it will be very serious wear and tear, and therefore need to be replaced in a timely manner.
2 when we use the laser cutting machine must carry out regular inspection and maintenance, generally every half check, which is mainly to see the laser cutting machine rail straightness and verticality of the machine, it will directly affect the cutting effect, so we must not be ignored for the laser cutting machine check.
3 and the laser cutting machine must do dust control measures, because laser cutting machine inside the dust, but also will influence the effect of cutting, it will greatly reduce the work efficiency; so the best staff every week to remove general dust when used a vacuum cleaner, it is because it can the laser cutting machine inside the dust and dirt removal is very clean.
4 for steel laser cutting machine inspection, daily tasks, such frequent check strip laser cutting machine, in order to prevent injury to the person, if not the strip tension, will be in the running when the injury to the person, so the staff must strictly monitor

Above all is how to protect laser cutting ,hope can help friends who are using laser cutting machine .