Still don’t know how to properly install the CO2 laser tube? look here!

Still don’t know how to properly install the CO2 laser tube? look here!

The meaning of CO2 laser tube

The CO2 laser tube is composed of CO2 gas, nitrogen gas, hydrogen gas, etc., and produces a power of 20 kW or more with a laser beam of 10.6 μm. It can realize continuous work and is often used in laser marking machines and laser cutting machines. Therefore, its application is extremely extensive.


So, how to install the laser tube correctly?
The following four steps teach you to get it!

The laser tube is mounted on the back of the machine. The laser tube cover is opened. Two laser tube brackets and two open cover protection sensors can be seen. The cover protection is optional for the equipment (four for each of the dual laser head models).

Fasten the laser tube by fastening the belt on the laser tube holder and tightening the screw.
Note: Do not tighten the laser tube too tightly to avoid damage to the laser tube. Be sure to keep the inlet port (light outlet end) under the pipe body.

After fixing the laser tube, connect the inlet pipe connected to the water protection end to the inlet of the negative end of the laser tube, and the other outlet pipe is connected to the high pressure end outlet of the laser tube, as shown in the figure above.
Note: Each water pipe joint should be docked firmly to prevent water leakage. The hose should be straightened and not discounted, so as to avoid water flow.

Finally, the laser tube power cable is pulled through the casing threading hole to the laser power source. The positive and negative terminals of the laser tube and the laser power source are connected to the positive and negative terminals. The positive and negative electrodes of the laser power supply are also marked.

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How do I choose the correct wattage laser for my needs?

How do I choose the correct wattage laser for my needs?

The power of the laser source is measured by Watt. According to the machine you are considering, you will have power selection for your laser source, with a range of 30-120 watts of CO2 laser tube. Generally speaking, the lower power CO2 laser cutting machine can handle the same details and quality materials as the high-power laser cutting machine. But a higher power laser tube will allow you to cut deeper in one pass.

Cutting performance

the following are the minimum power ratings we recommend for cutting into materials like wood and plastic:

  1. 30w – 1/8” (3-4mm)
  2. 40w – ¼” (5-6mm)
  3. 50/60w – 3/8” (10mm)
  4. 75/120w – ½” (13mm)These values can vary significantly due to different types of materials, different focal lenses, alignment of optics, etc. This is only a very basic estimate.


Engraving speed

Depending on the materials you are engraving, you will see increases in speed with higher wattage laser tubes. When engraving a material like wood at 100% power, you would see the following changes in speed used to achieve the same depth depending on the power of your laser tube:

  1. 30w – 20% speed
  2. 40w – 30% speed
  3. 50w – 40% speed
  4. 60w – 50% speed
  5. 75w – 60% speed
  6. 120w – 90% speed

These values will not be true for all materials. With a material like anodized aluminum, for example, you would run your 30watt machine at 100% speed, so having a higher power laser tube in this case would not yield any additional benefit in this material. We recommend speaking to an Epilog representative to help determine the power of laser tube that will best fit your specific needs.

Do You Know How To Protect Laser Tube In Winter ?

Do You Know How To Protect Laser Tube In Winter ?

Laser cutting machine ,is a new type cutting machine ,widely use for textile ,fabric ,paper,acrylic and etc cutting .The CO2 laser timber cutting machine is well-prepared for non-metal applications in the fields of laser cutting such as timber.This series of machines uses multifunction laser head and DSP digital control technology and integrated frame structure, working stably and reliably.The latest software supports AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, and all kinds of graphics software seamless docking, output directly. Generally speaking, HM-1310 is an ideal choice for small industries to save the cost ,especially for cutting acrylic sheet.

DSLR Camera Vision Laser Cutters
1309/1610/1810/1812/1814 Camera Positioning Machine with Multiple Head

As we all know ,laser cutting machine has some advantages :
1,Adopting the strip shape platform, which can bear heavier materials such as organic glass, wood and so on.
2,Original Singapore imported lens with molybdenum base, making the equipment produce smaller faculae and stronger cutting force, greatly improving working efficiency and reducing cost.
3,USB cable to transfer data and offline DSP control system are both available.
4,Our three unique protection functions, i.e. anti-interference function, water-protective function and power cut-off function ensure longer working life, stability and effectiveness
5,The structure of the machine is more compact and more reasonable, the electric performance steady.

However,Last tube is a must for every laser machine to work. So we should maintain laser tube in a good condition. Everybody knows glass easily broken, and there is no exception for laser tube. Since we usually equip our laser machine with glass laser tube.

laser tube for laser cutting machine

So it is very important to protect laser tube in daily use :
1.Taking care the room temperature, to avoid it below 0 degree.
2.If the room temperature can not be controlled, recycled water should be excluded every day after the work finished.
3.Recycled water should be clean. So you can use pure water or distilled water, and change water is better.

So do you know how to protect your laser tube ? Read this news ,hope to help you !