Large body change of cell phone shell – laser processing

Large body change of cell phone shell – laser processing

Mobile phone shell big change! Laser processing opens the era of personalized customization.

Pretty mobile phones are all the same, and funny cell phones should be picked!

The shell of a mobile phone can also be very interesting and interesting.

Laser technology breaks the technical barrier for the personalized way of mobile phone shell and creates more possibilities.

Nonmetal cell phone shell

CO2 laser can process wood, plastic, rubber, acrylic and other materials. Using laser to process all kinds of mobile phone shells, processing materials are extensive, cutting edges smooth, no burrs, clear lines, delicate images. For example, using laser engraving machine to process Wooden cell phone shells, ordinary mechanical engraving can not engraving the coarse and fine points in the economic way, so it does not have the form of grayscale. Laser engraving machine is carved by way of carving, with natural advantages in grayscale performance. In this way, the grayscale expression is used as the best way to engraving design. The advantage is that the coloring process is reduced and the cost is saved. On the other hand, it has enriched the means of carving and increased the level of graphics.

Metal cell phone shell

The metal feel of the mobile phone shell is very difficult to keep people from being present. The cool texture and warm publicity of your handset are like a limited amount of equipment for your mobile phone: both wearable and anti falling. Tired of the texture of plastic phone shell, are you interested in metal phone shell? The metal mobile phone shell is mainly made of 1-2mm stainless steel, with various styles and rapid upgrading. Laser processing can overcome the difficulties of traditional manufacturing processes, such as many manufacturing processes, difficulty in polishing and opening, high cost, and easy customization.

Laser cutting machine can achieve all kinds of “strange” model of mobile phone shell, laser marking machine can meet its “colorful” pattern, elegant and delicate, cool atmosphere.In my opinion,laser processing has brought new vitality to the mobile phone shell Market, and has brought more choices to people’s consumption.

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