Tips and Tracks for Choosing a Textile Laser Cutting Machine?

Tips and Tracks for Choosing a Textile Laser Cutting Machine?

   Laser cutting machine is very common in many industrial. For different laser cutting machine, we can use it to cut different materials. Today, we will give you some suggestions in choosing a textile laser cutting machine.

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   First, think about the size. The size of the laser cutting machine should be determined by the size of the textile you want to cut. There are many sizes in the market, and you can also customize the size with the factory.applications of laser cutting machine

   Then, choose the system you want. As we all know that the speed of the laser engraving machines is directly proportional to the power of the laser.If you want to cutting many fabrics in one time, then a faster system should be your choice. If you just need cut one or two panels, then you can choose a cheap system.


   Third factor should be the motors. If you want to cut some very small things which has a high requirements of the precision, then we suggest you choose the high precision motors.

   Finally, choose the suitable laser cutting machine within your budget. Even for the same laser cutting machine, the different suppliers will give you different price. Try to search for more suppliers and find a competitive price.

   Used people all say that the productivity of a laser cutting machine equals to 3~5 workers. If you buy one, you will know they are not lying.

How to Make Money with a Laser Cutting Machine for Cloth?

How to Make Money with a Laser Cutting Machine for Cloth?

Recently our company have been studying a project that how to process jeans with our CO2 laser cutting machine for cloth. The reason why we focus on this topic is that most jeans manufacturers use potassium permanganate to fade denim to create various styles. This way is not good and environmentally friendly to people’s health and our nature. Plus, modern people prefer man-made old jeans or even ripped jeans more than conventional ones.

People are more likely to neglect the damage caused by potassium permanganate to both their health and ecological environment when wearing fashionable jeans. A new manufacturing technology is therefore needed to replace potassium permanganate. As a professional manufacturing tool for nonmetals, CO2 laser cutter is rightly applicable for engraving cloth, including jeans and other fabrics. How it works on jeans? What are the advantages of laser engraved cloth? Let’s firstly learn something about CO2 laser engraver.

CO2 laser cutting machine is a big family in which many stand and custom models are contained and can process a wide range of non-metal materials, such as paper, fabric, plastic, acrylic, glass, wood, rubber, etc. When utilizing a laser engraver to engrave on the surface of jeans, users can control the engraving depth and speed randomly to created personalized and unique styles to upgrade the value of jeans.

But whether jeans laser cutting can be profitable if you want to start a laser engraving business? If you are rightly running a laser business involving laser products customization service, you should calculate the investment on the laser engraving tool and the returns that the machine brings. Laser engraving machine price is the priority for users and also for us who are responsible for each customer’s laser business success. At FeiYue, we have been striving to upgrade our laser technology and decrease the cost as much as possible. By working closely with laser machine users and practitioners, we have improved our laser machine quality and performance markedly. You can feel reassured to buy a laser engraving and cutter machine from FeiYue with fair price and reliable service.

Investment on CO2 laser cutter can achieve lot production in factory production lines, reducing labors and work time. Even though you are a home laser user, you could develop you own laser customization business by producing jeans redesign, art crafts customization and so on. And now jeans market has great potential coming from worldwide consumers, for jeans are always welcomed by world people with different backgrounds. So there are local markets and foreign markets for jeans manufacturers to sell laser engraved jeans. A huge market for making profits!

Based on this emerging application, our company will put more money and human resources to design high-quality and user-friendly CO2 laser machines with better price to meet higher demands. If you are interested in our laser engraver and laser cutter, we are glad to receive your inquiry from below comment box.

The different uses of laser engraving, do you know how many?

The different uses of laser engraving, do you know how many?

Laser engraving technique first came in the 1960s and it was mainly used for industrial application purposes. This method of cutting is very precise and at the same time reliable. Advancement in technology has transformed the potential of laser cutting and made it a reality. Manufacturing components have greatly benefited from this advancement because they can be able to use the same technology to render a design on a surface. The CO2 laser engraver plays a very crucial role today and more especially in industrial applications.


Laser engraver plays a very crucial role in rendering designs and this role can only be played by a cutting or engraving machine. It is very useful when it comes to producing shapes that are complex and smooth. It also produces a clean cut that cannot be produced by any other machine and that is why most manufacturing or industrial components prefer the laser engraver.Thepotential is endless for signage whether you want the logo cut out or the fancy italic font.


There are several materials that can be cut using the laser engraver. Laser engraving machine can also cut some plastics, such as chlorine free acrylic resin. Some things that can be cut are metals, fabrics, leather, paper and cards. Other stones that can be carved include marble, stone plates, metals such as steel and brass, and glass.


The laser engraver are also used for a wide variety of production services. The laser based services such as manufacturing and industrial services are perfect and can be used for research and other projects that are for development purposes. They are used to enhance huge amounts of production runs making industrial services easier and faster. The process of laser engraving is known to be environmentally friendly, more lucrative and highly productive.


The main role of micromachining is to ensure that there are detailed and accurate miniature parts. Some of the things that it features are femoral exposure, DNA analysis, biotech substrate marketing, energy efficiency, micro fluid devices, surgical instrumentation, homeland security, neurosciences, radiology, semiconductors, neurosciences, angioplasty filters, implant devices, intravascular radiation, catheter hole drilling and many others.


Laser engraving is very advantageous because it does not conduct direct conduct with that surface that is being or that will be engraved. And due to this it will not be necessary to change the tools being used for engraving. The end result of this is that it saves money in the long run. Laser markings are done on different materials such as nickel, titanium, wood, plastics, stainless steel, silicon nitride, anodized aluminum, ceramics, platinum, silver, gold and many others.

Laser engraving services are offered by companies that use high innovative technology. This enables them to produce products that are of high quality and that meet the client expectations. More details in site: