What should we pay attention to when cutting dots by laser cutting machine?

What should we pay attention to when cutting dots by laser cutting machine?

In recent years, the rapid development of industrial science and technology, laser equipment industry, in line with the rapid development of the times, laser cutting machine has rapidly spread to all walks of life. With the popularization of laser cutting machine, we have to keep up with the study of laser cutting machine, so as to better apply laser cutting machine, can better improve the working efficiency and quality of laser cutting machine.

With the popularity of laser cutting machine, customers have more and more requirements on laser cutting machine, such as laser cutting machine to cut a variety of graphics, which use laser cutting machine cutting circular hole is not as simple as in, so today I would like to share with you there are laser cutting machine cutting circular hole need to pay attention to a few points.

1. The laser cutting machine cutting 1:1 holes is the optimal solution, the larger the aperture, the better the cutting, the ability of insufficient ability of the laser cutting machine cutting holes will appear irregular circular hole, breakpoint residue is too much.

2. The gas pressure is too high or too low. The gas pressure is too big to burst hole, and the cutting edge will be rough and burn seriously if the pressure is too small. Choosing the right gas pressure is one of the reasons to solve the irregular circular hole cutting.

3. Servo motor parameters. Many parameters of the servo motor are related to the circular arc motion, and the parameters are not appropriate. The x and y axis motion mismatches will lead to ellipse or irregular shapes in the cutting circular holes.

4. Lead screw or guide rail accuracy is not enough. Some small factory technical strength and workers level is not high, the output of laser cutting machine precision is less than 0.1mm, so the cutting precision of circular hole is not up to the requirements.

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How to improve the stability of laser cutting machine?

How to improve the stability of laser cutting machine?

Laser cutting machine has been widely used in sheet metal processing, machinery manufacturing, chassis, auto parts, metal processing and other manufacturing industries, its superior processing performance and long-term operation ability are favored by the majority of users in the industry. The stability of the laser cutting machine will be reduced after a long time of operation, improving the stability of the laser cutting machine can make it maintain better processing efficiency, save processing costs.

In recent years, laser cutting machine manufacturers pay more and more attention to the stability of laser cutting machine. According to the research and development experts of our company, the stability of laser cutting machine has a great relationship with several important parts. Equipped with good quality parts, laser cutting machine in the use of natural very stable.

This problem has led to many customers in the purchase of laser engraving machine between imports and domestic hesitation. Some users even worry that the stability of domestic laser cutting machines will decline after long working hours. In fact, such a worry is not necessary, domestic laser equipment has a very good foundation and research and development technology, in fact, the performance of the imported do not have to be poor, so in the evaluation of the stability of laser cutting machine can not be said in general, this is the need for technology in continuous improvement and improvement to improve slowly. At the same time, whether the laser cutting machine is stable in use depends on your late maintenance and working environment.


Laser cutting machine assists the development of advertising industry

As the saying goes, the current situation to create heroes, today, but also confirmed this eternal truth. In the advertising industry in the market, smoke everywhere, some people stand up and some people fail. And the wheel of history relentlessly, the elimination of old crafts, the birth of new technologies. Undoubtedly, the time will abandon the unchanged traditional processing methods It is the absolute truth to weed out the old and bring forth the new. Those far-sighted entrepreneurs recognize the inevitable trend of the times, recognize the laser cutting machine technology, and lead enterprises to seize the technological highland step by step, and seek more market share.
metal laser cutting machine helps the advertising industry take off. Our daily life is closely relating with the advertising industry. The development of laser cutting machine, how to promote the advertising industry to take off ?  Generally speaking, the material used in advertising industry is stainless steel and other metal sheets. The laser cutter for metal sheet processing has obvious advantages, mainly in the following aspects:
1.Save material – using computer programming technology.The computer can be import Different shapes of product graphics into software system in advance.The computer will automatically optimize the layout of materials, maximize the use of materials efficiency;
2.Simplified Procedure – The precision of laser cutting machine is much higher than other methods. So the metal cutting edge is smooth, one-time forming, without the need for subsequent edge modification. At the same time, laser cutting can save the mold opening process and improve efficiency.
3.Save mold investment -As a result, the die opening process is omitted, the consumption of the die is reducing.So no mold is repaired or replaced. In this way, the production cost is reducing and the market response speed of enterprises is improving. It can also be customized according to the needs of different customers and react quickly. Laser cutting machine is especially suitable for all kinds of production methods.
Protection of the environment – laser cutting belongs to the category of environmental protection processing, noise is lower, clean and pollution-free, which also effectively solve the enterprise due to environmental problems and can not start the situation, we can find that the use of laser cutter production workshop is often more tidy, cutting waste is also less.
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