Why We Need Laser Cutting Machine in Textile Industrial?

Why We Need Laser Cutting Machine in Textile Industrial?

Why We Need Laser Cutting Machine in Textile Industrial?

   Laser cutting machine is widely used in textile and garment industrial, we can see many of them around us: clothing, curtains,decorations and so on. Then why we need laser cutting machine in textile industrial?

laser cutting machine
laser cutting machine
  1. Why we need laser cutting machine for textile?

   Single-layer fabrics can be cut faster and therefore more productively with a laser than with a knife. Laser processing is a non-contact, tool-free process. The textiles and fabrics are not touched during laser cutting; as a result, the material is not warped. The laser beam melts the material and the results are clean, perfectly sealed edges.

  1. Advantages of laser cutting

   1). Perfect sealed edges when laser cutting

   2). Accurate contour cutting

   3). Productive processing

   4). Non-contact processing

   5). Simple high-quality manufacturing

   6). One tool for all shapes

   7). No tool wear

laser cutting garments
laser cutting garments
  1. Can all materials be cut equally well?

    Synthetic fabrics respond very well to processing. They often comprise plastics such as polyester. The laser beam melts polyester in a controlled manner, and this provides fiber-free, sealed edges. For organic fabrics such as cotton and linen, a brownish discolored cutting edge is obtained similar to when processing wood. This effect can be partially compensated by selecting the correct lens and laser parameters and using compressed air.

   With the development of laser cutting machine, it will be applied to more and more files in the near future. If you want to take part in this line, you can invest one as soon as possible.

What do You Know about the Laser Cutting Machine for Fabric/Leather?

What do You Know about the Laser Cutting Machine for Fabric/Leather?

Laser cutting is a technology that uses a laser to cut materials, and it has been applied to many files today, especially in garment industrial.   

  Traditional cutting methods has already out of style. In order to reduce production time and increase yield, more and more factories, even individuals choose buying a fabric/ laser cutting machine to help them. Our high speed fabric/ leather cutting machine is the evidence.

Laser cutting Machine
Laser cutting Machine


   ModelSKYIMAGE® Fabric/Leather Laser Cutting Machine  

  Working Area1800x1600mm/1800x1200mm  

  Camera Pixels18 million  

  Minimum Shaping CharacterChinese character 2mm/latter 1mm  

  Operating Temperature:5-44℃  

  Gross Power: 3000W  

  Weight: 900KG  

  Laser Power: 80w/100w/120w  

  Cutting Speed: 60m/min  Resolution Ratio: 0.025mm  

  Repositioning Accuracy: 10%  

  Operating Humidity: 5%-80%  

  Dimension: 2360*2380*3100/2000*2380*2500  

  Graphic format supported: DXF/DWD/JPEG/PCX/AI/TIFF/PLT/CDR/BMP



  1 Using Vision Positioning System, auto identity the material edge

  2 Using high-definition digital SLR to one time realization the high precision imaging

  3 Automatically feeding the material

  4 Automatically correct and find the border again when the prints was deformed

  5 Using high-speed stepper motor

  6 Suitable for etching industry, leather, packaging and logo cutting industry



  1. High speed automatic textile laser cutting machine, using high-definition digital SLR to one time realization the high precision imaging, which is including the large-format and multi-pattern, and avoid the error of splicing the image and the decline in image quality.
  1. This machine adopting high speed, high precision stepper motor, automatic feed, automatically capture the border and cutting speed is 2.5 times than of the traditional, which is the best choice of modern high-speed fully automatic large enterprise.
applications of laser cutting machine
applications of laser cutting machine


What Are Advantages And Disadvantages Of Laser Engraving Machine ?

What Are Advantages And Disadvantages Of Laser Engraving Machine ?

Laser engraving machine ,do you know definition of laser engraving machine ? I will introduce you details.

The CO2 laser timber cutting machine is well-prepared for non-metal applications in the fields of laser cutting such as timber.This series of machines uses multifunction laser head and DSP digital control technology and integrated frame structure, working stably and reliably.The latest software supports AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, and all kinds of graphics software seamless docking, output directly. Generally speaking, HM-1310 is an ideal choice for small industries to save the cost ,especially for cutting acrylic sheet.
1.upgrading structure, high precision and higher speed
2. with advanced DSP controlling system, strong function, can effectively engrave on plane/ gradient(optional0, cutting and drilling holes, etc.
3. transmitting files directly from CorelDraw, Auto CAD etc.
4.equipped with lifting platform which can perform processing at any height
5. the delicate machine body, adopting DSP controlling system to ensure work without computer and support USB flash disk direct output.

laser engraving machine

We know that laser engraving machine used in many fields,Understand the advantages and disadvantages about the machine are very useful.Lets take a simple introduce about the laser engraving machine.

Advantages:The scanning speed is very fast,Beautiful machining plane,it is suitable plane sweep bamboo, crystal objects,you can also do dimensional.processing of the characters, words, images, etc.,and it is applied to the cutting of acrylic materials.Smooth edges can be omitted after polishing processing,Do engraving ,teapot carved, three-dimensional cylindrical scan in Crystal.

Disadvantages:Only do the two-dimensional plane of the x, y direction scan,it can not be used for the processing of the high hardness,a low ignition point,a metal material,For example: ceramic, glass, wood, iron, copper,etc.Extension products: the bull, the speed will increase the efficiency of several times.

So we know that the laser engraving machine has the advantage and disadvantage.Better to understand machine it could helps us to better use it.