CO2 laser cutter VS fiber laser cutter, which one do you prefer?

CO2 laser cutter VS fiber laser cutter, which one do you prefer?

Flexible Fabrication Design with CO2 Laser Cutting

Adjusting the settings on a CO2 cutting laser varies the quality and finish of the cut, i.e., making it coarser or finer. You can reduce the power for thinner or less robust materials, as well as slow the cutting speed to prevent burning at the edges of cuts.

Because the cutting beam focuses to a pinpoint, there is far less kerf than you would get with a standard steel blade. While the kerf is minimal, it is still wise to leave a couple of millimeters spare between the parts while marking them on the sheet.

Most industrial processes involve the laser beam passing all the way through the material, separating it into two pieces. However, the laser can be adjusted to create a partial cut, and is used in two common methods of engraving:

Vector engraving – the laser beam engraves an outline.
Raster engraving – the laser ‘prints’ an infill engraving.
CO2 laser cutting can be used to cut or engrave materials as diverse as paper, plywood, and acrylics. In fact, CO2 laser cutting stainless steel is very prominent in the fabrication industry. Metals are worked using industrial-sized CO2 cutting lasers.

CO2 laser cutting allows a quick turnover of bespoke design parts at very low cost. Prototype parts can be produced, tested, and turned over for high-volume manufacturing, in the space of a day. CO2 laser cutting is an indispensable manufacturing process for most fabrication jobs. Contact one of our representatives to learn more about our laser cutting process.

Why Fiber Laser Cutting Machines are Here to Stay?

Fiber lasers are easy to use and very reliable, with minimal overhead. There are no expensive mirrors and lenses to set up and maintain. In fact, the fiber laser cutting machine is almost maintenance-free.

They are also more optically and electrically efficient. Not only does this mean that most of the power generated goes into cutting the metal, but less gets converted into waste heat. Consequently, less water cooling is required. A fiber laser consists of up to 80% of its power input, a much higher efficiency than either gas or crystal lasers.

Many industry sectors are now switching to fiber laser cutting because of the faster processing times it offers. New fiber laser metal cutting machines are combining ever higher power output with reductions in energy input. This is leading to cheaper commercial runs and prototyping. Speak to one of our team members to learn more about our fiber laser cutting technique.

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Reveal the development trend of laser cutting machine industry

Reveal the development trend of laser cutting machine industry

In the past decades, laser cutting industry has become a high-tech industry after development and transformation. Today, the laser cutting machine industry is realizing the leap from small to high power, two-dimensional to three-dimensional cutting, small to large.

Fiber laser cutting industry will usher in a new development peak

According to the investigation and prediction of relevant authorities, the global fiber laser market will protect 4.6% growth annually in the next eight years, which directly or indirectly reflects the growth trend of downstream fiber laser cutting market. With the continuous development of high power technology of optical fiber laser cutting technology, its cutting thickness has been breaking through. The advantage of CO2 laser cutting machine for cutting thick plates has gradually lost its competitiveness. At the same time, in the cutting of thin plates, optical fiber laser cutting machine with fast cutting speed, good quality, easy maintenance, low loss and other advantages occupy an obvious advantage.

Industrial Robot + Optical Fiber Laser Cutting = Perfect Fusion of Advanced Optical Fiber Technology and Digital Control Technology

With the development of shipbuilding, aviation and automobile manufacturing, laser technology has infiltrated and become an important part of its manufacturing process. The application of laser cutting technology not only greatly improves the production efficiency, but also effectively solves the problem that its high precision can not meet.

Therefore, three-dimensional laser cutting is the perfect integration of advanced optical fiber laser technology and digital control technology, representing the most advanced level of laser cutting.

How to control the speed of fiber laser cutting machine?

How to control the speed of fiber laser cutting machine?

In the use of fiber laser cutting machine, many people will think that the faster the better cutting speed, speed can improve the efficiency of work. And can also create greater economic benefits, in fact, otherwise, the speed of the fiber laser cutting machine is controlled in a certain range, so how can we effectively control the speed of the laser cutting machine?

The cutting speed of the fiber laser cutting machine is too fast, which will lead to the failure of cutting, spark random spraying, oblique lines appear on the cutting surface, and the lower half of the welding stain, the whole section is thicker, but no welding stain produces and so on, which will affect the precision and quality of cutting plate. Therefore, we should control the cutting speed of the post-fiber laser cutting machine. The following are three Suggestions we give.

It is suggested that at least three optical fiber laser cutting machine lathes and turning centers can be used.

X and Z axis feeding and fast feeding, fast and smooth. High precision and low back clearance planetary gear reducer is used with precision ball screw to reduce the mechanical failure rate and improve the precision. Servo control of high and low file conversion device to shorten the time, fast and smooth transmission.

Two, fiber laser cutting machine digital grinder and discharge processing machine can use at least three more.

X, Y, Z axis with smooth, so that the parameters of the controller is more simple to set, so that the finished product to get high precision, arc contact smooth, and reduce the surface roughness.

Three, fiber laser cutting machine processing center and CNC milling machine can be used at least four more.

X and Y axis feeding and fast feeding can increase feeding smoothness, reduce noise and reduce the cost of servo motor. The high torque makes it easier to control, although the load is different, but does not affect its feeding smooth. The load of the Z axis is completely different due to the gravity. The high precision and low backspace planetary gear reducer can reduce the load of the servo motor and increase the service life of the machine. Tool changing mechanism requires fast, accurate positioning, low vibration, high precision and low back clearance planetary gear reducer is still the best choice.