laser cuttingLaser cutter is usually hidden in many place. With the explosive growth of the global tourism industry, the hotel as its wandering industry also showed explosive growth in 2016. In fact, as long as there is a hotel, there will be the shadow of laser technology!

From laser cutter in the hotel industry a variety of acrylic card boxes, signs and other small format material cutting,to metal, crystal and other words of large format cutting material. From a box, racks and other wood products to sculpture, toiletries, switch lights, signs and other plastic products to sculpture, kettle, licensing and other metal materials, sculpture, laser technology has traces of the past.

Laser cutting:

Laser cutting is using high energy laser cutting tools as “to” materials processing method of heat cutting.

Laser marking:

Laser engraving is a continuous high energy laser beam generated by the laser generator, after focusing the laser beam on the surface of printer materials, so that the surface material instantly melting or even vaporization, by controlling the laser surface in the material path, thus forming the required graphic mark.

laser cutting machine



Laser can be all kinds of metal, non-metallic hotel supplies for heterosexual processing, even high hardness, high brittleness, high melting point of the material is also applicable.

2.Good effect

Laser processing without “tool” wear, no “cutting force” on the workpiece, will not produce pressure on the hotel supplies damage.


The use of laser in the hotel supplies carved text patterns, will not subsided due to changes in the environment, but permanently maintained.

4.High precision

Laser processing accuracy can reach within the millimeter, very delicate and beautiful.

5.Provincial materials

Laser processing using computer programming, you can put the shape of the hotel supplies materials for the cut, to maximize the utilization of materials.

6.Easy to operate

After a simple training, the operator can achieve one person at the same time operating more than one machine, saving labor costs.



laser cuttingIn recent years, fiber laser cutting technology has been widely used in the industry. In 2014, fiber lasers surpassed the C02 laser to become a large share of laser sources. Fiber laser cutting provides both cutting speed and quality achievable with CO2 laser cutting with low maintenance and operating costs. Here’re the advantages of fiber laser cutting machine.

1.High reliability, good stability

Fiber laser cutting machine adopts integrated whole structure, fiber laser cutting machine has many unique advantages, with the traditional solid-state laser crystal rods as different laser medium, long fiber laser using Yb-doped double clad fiber as a laser medium, greatly ensure system reliability, while the laser is in optical fiber waveguides in oscillation by stimulated increased, so the loss is small, good stability, vapor and dust from outside influence of mechanical loosening, so that the whole of reliability and stability of a high standard counterparts.

2.High precision cutting

Fiber laser cutting machine on the positioning of the product to solve the original graphics array after there has been a lack of precision positioning, debugging inconvenient problem, greatly improving the positioning accuracy; suitable for plastic, spray products in the phone keypad, power adapter, IC, metal products and other products require high precision.

laser cutting

3.Long life

Relatively higher peak power fiber lasers, smaller required current at the time of cutting, longer life, the average life expectancy of fiber lasers up to more than 100,000 hours, the user equipment in strict accordance with the procedures and requirements for the operation and scheduled maintenance, all of the extended equipment laser life has a great help

4.Fiber laser cutting machine uses a certain shock, vibration, dust and high temperatures or harsh environments to work properly

5.Fiber laser cutting system uses ultra high-speed galvanometer system and optimization of hardware and software control systems, ultra-high-speed cutting;

6.Pulsed power, low power consumption, low running costs

7.Fiber laser cutting machine aptation: electronic components, electrical appliances, electronic communications, auto parts, precision metal, jewelry, gifts, medical equipment, eyeglasses and clocks, instruments and sanitary ware industry.




laser cutting machineLaser Cutting Machine are used in areas where you need high accuracy levels such as when you want to cut a finely detailed saw blade. These machines not only offer precision, you can also rely on them to make repeated cuts with the same high degree of precision. They come in two main types: CO2 and fiber laser cutters.

CO2 laser cutters:

They are known for providing optimal gas flow directly to the cut zone thus consistently matching the gas flow geometry and beam width. Their heads are designed to increase the cutting speeds by up to 20%. The speeds not only increase productivity, they also reduce the operating costs and wastage.

Due to their precision and speed you can apply the machines in different areas such as: construction, signage, farming, transportation, scrapping, steel servicing, automotive and manufacturing.

laser cutting machineFiber laser cutters:

They produce laser lights of wavelengths of 1µm. The light is absorbed by many materials. The machines come in different modes that you can use in different metal metals such as aluminum and steel.

For you to use these machines you need to have in depth knowledge of how they work. For example, to get precise cuts you need to be careful of the wavelength that you use. Studies have shown that for you to get a dynamic beam you need to use wavelengths of less than 0.4mm. You need to be able to set these wavelengths to get desired results.

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