What Should We Pay Attention To When Use CO2 Laser Cutting Machine ?

What Should We Pay Attention To When Use CO2 Laser Cutting Machine ?

Laser cutting machine is a new technology machine that uses a laser to cut materials. A typical commercial laser for cutting materials would involve a motion control system to follow a CNC or G-code of the pattern to be cut onto the material. Materials like stainless steel, Aluminum, Titanium and Plywood among others can be cut using laser. There are three types of laser in laser cutting mainly CO2, Nd and Nd-YAG.

sublistar laser cutter

If we do not pay attention while laser cutting then it may get cut in wrong way, may be: so while laser we should pay attention.

The use of laser cutting machine is more complex, and use of time will have certain danger, so must be will use; And each of the laser cutting machine use the matters needing attention are also different;all in all ,we should pay attention to following matters:

1,Material type: CO2 type of laser cutting machine can cut both metal and non metal while Fibre or Diode laser cutting machine cannot cut organics material such as wood, acrylic and paper.It is important to note to cutting material. Although the CNC laser cutting machine is good at cutting most of the material, but it cannot be used for cutting class acrylic or polycarbonate material, and can only be cut wood or fiber material in the field of limited application.

2,Fire: the machine might catch fire so you should never leave the machine unattended and preferably to have fire extinguisher nearby.

3,Focus: as laser can’t work efficiently when unfocused
Lens: laser cutting lens and mirrors get dirty overtime, and dirty lens is a lens waiting to crack. So clean it regularly.

4,Protect eyes:Light from the laser system is harmful to the eyes, so eye measures must be taken.

5,No nearly person:Machine in the processing of time don’t have a staff member nearby. Laser cutting principle is to use laser high temperature makes the metal surface gasification and melting quickly, anti high temperature equipment is a must. Some of more than ten thousand degrees temperature, metal impurities will splash out, to employees is a kind of damage.

6,Ventilation:The use of laser cutting machine must take all protective measures. And the position of the decoration should be ventilated machine. Conducive to heat dissipation.

The above all are what we should pay attention to when use CO2 laser cutting machine ,please check it and attention it .

What Should Consider When You Buy CO2 Laser Cutting Machine ?(2)

What Should Consider When You Buy CO2 Laser Cutting Machine ?(2)

Laser cutting machine ,new technology cutting machine use laser .Widely applications of laser cutting machine ,meanwhile ,choose high quality laser cutting machine is very important thing .

applications of laser cutter

Today, I will go on to talk about how to choose CO2 laser cutting machine on other 5 points.

1. Software Requirements
The factor of software requirements is a huge one especially when it comes to the system of units that a machine works with. For example some machines are programmed to be used with SI units and therefore it would be hectic if your purchase this machine and your field work in the BG Units. It would require conversion in every instance and this would be tedious.

2. Floor Space
This refers to the amount of room that this machine will occupy in the workshop. It would not be recommended to buy a huge machine when you only have room for a smaller one in your workshop. In this case you should buy the small one. The best option can be discussed with our team.

3. Accessories
Some laser cutting machines will come with added functionality and this will be a huge plus. For example, one that comes with rotary tool is used when engraving round objects and this makes it more useful than one with capability of cutting plane surfaces only. Depending upon the model the optional accessories needed can be discussed for the optimum performance.

4. Maintenance
Every machine is meant to increase efficiency and increase the work done per time. every machine requires proper maintenance to continue with proper functioning. Maintaining the laser cutting machine is easy, there are simple guidelines.

5. The benefits of a laser cutting machine
Ensure that you evaluate all the benefits. On productivity the machine has a high cutting speed and very effective in terms of accuracy errors. The machine helps reduce power consumption use and time taken. The machine is well designed and compact hence ease in use. Laser cutting machine is automated hence ease in storage, loading and unloading.

What Materials Can Be Cutted By Laser Cutting Machine ?(2)

What Materials Can Be Cutted By Laser Cutting Machine ?(2)

Laser cutting machine ,many different types for different materials cutting .In yesterday , I have written a blogger about this .Today , I will go on ,tell you other 6 materials.

Laser cutting wood is incredibly popular for creating a wide range of products including scale models, architectural models, display pieces, POS items, wooden plaques, trophies and even jewellery.
Our machines laser cut and engrave wood at high speed creating clean edges with no burn marks or material flashback which makes them ideal for creating complex objects of all shapes and sizes for a wide range of products.
Because laser cutting is non-contact there is no need to change cutting tools, no additional material damage and no need to clamp your material into place, saving time and money.

Laser cutting wood

Paper and card are particularly suited to laser cutting. In comparison to cutting plotters or hand cutting.
A far superior cut quality is produced on even the most intricate and delicate designs. Our whole range of laser cutting machines laser cut paper materials with ease with incredible accuracy and quality due to high speed computation of complex shapes.

Bottles,glasses (engraving only )

Linoleum ,Car Mats,Carpet Tiles

Packaging, Upholstery, Polyurethane, Polystyrene, Depron

Clear, Printed, Coloured, Printed sign graphics

So do you know what specific materials can be cutted by laser cutting machine,If any questions ,welcome to contract us !