Why You Need a Multipoint Positioning Laser Cutting Machine?

Why You Need a Multipoint Positioning Laser Cutting Machine?

With the development of the new technology, laser cutting machine becomes more and more advanced. Today, we will introduce you our over-length printed fabric laser cutting machine MLAT system.

Sports and Functional Textiles


  1. Suitable for continuous cutting of over-length printed fabric.
  2. Positioning the printed peaces accurately with the specific points, can cut the large scale and over-length fabrics.
  3. Not effected by the color, shape and size of what you want to cut.
  4. Won’t missing any peaces or cut wrongly.
  5. Automatic tracing-edge laser cutting will have an inaccurate positioning sometimes, and it may lead to the waste of materials and time. Our multipoint positing laser cutting can effectively avoids this problem.
  6. Automatic feeding, which an help save feeding time and labor costs.
  7. The notches are clean and non-defrmation, so the whole cutting part will looks more natural.
  8. High speed, high precision and high efficiency.
  9. Adopt the advanced computer technology to deal with the deformation of the fabric.
  10. The machine will run automatically without human intervention.


   Technical parameters:


1610/1810/2610 and customized

Laser power


Working voltage

AC220V~240V, 50/60Hz

Cutting speed


Whole power


Format supported


Cooling mode

Water- cooling and protection system

Operating temperature


Working humidity




Suitable for all kinds of printed fabrics. Especially designed for cycling jerseys, swimsuits, club shirts, sportswear, flags, toys, printing garments, printing vamp and other materials.


applications of laser cutting machine
applications of laser cutting machine





Laser Cutting Machine with Camera, Why We Need It?

Laser Cutting Machine with Camera, Why We Need It?

Laser cutting machine is not a unfamiliar for most of us, , there are too many products are made by this machine. But have you ever used or seen a camera positioning laser cutting machine ?

Camera positioning laser cutting machine becomes more and more popular in the market. This machine uses high-definition digital SLR to one time realization the high precision imaging, which is including the large-format and multi-pattern, and avoid the error of splicing the image and the decline in image quality.

  1. Garment industrial

  Applique is one of the most fashionable elements in the garment industry, many designers like adding this element to their designs, for example the badges and woven labels. No matter how small or how complex the things you want to cut, the camera positioning laser cutting machine can identity the material edge automatically and accurately.

laser cutting machine with camera
laser cutting machine with camera
  1. Box industrial

   Trademarks, patches are also commonly used in luggage design elements. Camera positioning laser cutting machine can distinguish the printed/ woven/ embroidered trademarks automatically, then cut them along the edge.Through this way, you can save a lot lot of time, and also improve the working efficiency.

laser cutting bags
laser cutting bags
  1. Shoes industrial

   For camera positioning laser cutting machine, vamp cutting is one of the most common application. Shoes usually have many kinds of styles and sizes, this kind of laser cutter can cut different patterns in the same format. For example, you can put the vamps, insoles or other parts onto a same format, the cutting machine can identify them automatically and then cut. This means you don’t need to crate templates one by one, and you can save a lot of time and money.

laser cutting shoes
laser cutting shoes

  The applications of camera positioning laser cutting machine are so much more than that. It is also suitable for the paper cutting, woollen cutting and so on. Once you have a try, you will fall in love with it.