How can CO2 laser cutter find a new dawn?

As we all know, the rapid development of fiber laser in recent years is constantly eroding the market share of  CO2 laser cutter.   In the past few years, when fiber laser, disc laser, semiconductor laser and other products began to be popular.So CO2 laser cutting machine seems to have been a huge impact.

So, how can we find a new market dawn for the CO2 laser’s ancient laser technology?

It is undeniable that the development of fiber laser does have a great impact on some applications of CO2 laser engraver. But it is also undeniable that there are still many applications in the market that other types of lasers can not be competent, can only use CO2 laser cutters, such as some non-metallic processing application. At the same time, CO2 laser is also opening up unprecedented new applications.

The unique wavelength of CO2 laser cutter makes it the best choice for processing some non-metallic materials. One of the simplest applications is the coding of information such as the date of production on a beverage bottle.

In the past, this information was usually printed on a beverage bottle with ink. This method is neither environmentally friendly nor cost-effective. Now, more and more CO2 lasers are used to encode this information. This way is clean and environmentally friendly without ink consumption. Fiber lasers are not equal to this task.

    In addition to some traditional applications on the market, CO2 laser cutting machine is also constantly developing some unprecedented new applications.

Some new applications of CO2 laser cutting machine. For example, the manufacture of fiber lasers. Now that CO2 lasers can participate in the manufacture of fiber lasers. It can also benefit from the growth of the fiber laser market. High-power fiber lasers require extremely strict purity of fiber. The traditional flame processing of fiber may bring some impurities into the fiber. Therefore, many customers use CO2 laser to process parts of fiber lasers.

Another way is to produce extremely ultraviolet light. In the process of semiconductor fabrication.  However, with the development of Moore’s law. Circuits on the chip are more and and more , and the precision requirment is higher and higher. This requires a laser with a wavelength of about 10 nm to complete this task.

At present, laser cutting machine has many new applications. If you need  laser engraver, please feel free to contact us.There are multipoint positioning laser cutting machine and  large scale visual scan machine ,etc.

Several laser cutting machines new user safety tips

Several laser cutting machines new user safety tips

Laser cutting machines have recently seen a surge in usage and popularity, which means that many people who have never used a laser cutter have now found benefits, such as ease of use, accuracy and speed.This also means that many new users are unaware of some of the unique security problems that laser cutters present.

1.Never let your lasers be unattended while shooting.

The most common mistake of the new operator is the lack of supervision of the machine when the project is cut. While this is true, laser cutters are usually fast, and larger items may take several hours to complete. The tendency of new operators is sometimes to leave the machine while the job is running. This should be an obvious fire safety risk. Even the better machines are made of metal shells (plastic should be avoided), but the constant heat of the laser hitting the bottom will damage the shell, the electronic components, and even fire. This usually happens when the power is set too high and the laser cutting material is then concentrated at the bottom of the box. The easiest way to ensure a fire or melt is to work when the laser continues to work. If an operator needs to take a break from monitoring a job, there is always another operator to replace them.Of course, all workshops must properly check the fire extinguisher at the right time.

2.Never cut material with unknown characteristics.

Most people associate a laser cutter with cutting wood, while others know that some machines, such as the MC series Fiber laser cutters, can also cut metal. Many people in the purchase of laser machines found that they can cut or mark a variety of materials, including: fabrics, paper, cardboard, tile, stone, glass, acrylic and so on. Laser-cut each of these materials emits smoke, most of which are washed away by the machine’s exhaust fan, which blows smoke to the hood or through an external ventilation system. Although the system is sufficient for most benign smog (wood, fabric, etc.), they are not used to remove deadly fumes from the operator, such as PVC plastic. PVC and other plastics if they produce a hot smoke inhalation, even small doses can be fatal, and should never be laser cutting. Whenever you purchase a laser cutting material, check with your supplier for any toxic safety warnings.If you are unsure of the material, do not use laser cutting. Three.

3.Always keep clean workshop.

Safety and cleanliness are combined to minimize the risk of injury.Most people do not know that small particles of cutting materials (such as sawdust) in the air can ignite and cause explosions. Although the laser cutting machine does not release dust particles (material cutting complete disintegration), so that the remaining waste residue in the cage can also become a fire hazard. Maintain a clean and tidy workshop to reduce the risk of accidents or other serious safety problems.It also created “best practices” for operators, taking time to clean up their workstations after each use.

4.Be told.

In all cases, the operator is responsible for knowing how to use the laser machine safely before turning on the laser. Before using any machine, you should read the user’s manual, paying special attention to all security issues and concerns. By understanding your machine and reading manuals, you will know, for example, whether eye protection requires safe operation for your specific laser cutting machine.In other words, the workshop should be clearly posted safety signs to remind people to always pay attention to safety issues.


When people become complacent in their daily life, accidents happen. When working near a machine, always consider safety issues. Pay attention to your environment and your daily work habits. Focus on security every day before you start working.

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