laser cuttingLaser cutter is usually hidden in many place. With the explosive growth of the global tourism industry, the hotel as its wandering industry also showed explosive growth in 2016. In fact, as long as there is a hotel, there will be the shadow of laser technology!

From laser cutter in the hotel industry a variety of acrylic card boxes, signs and other small format material cutting,to metal, crystal and other words of large format cutting material. From a box, racks and other wood products to sculpture, toiletries, switch lights, signs and other plastic products to sculpture, kettle, licensing and other metal materials, sculpture, laser technology has traces of the past.

Laser cutting:

Laser cutting is using high energy laser cutting tools as “to” materials processing method of heat cutting.

Laser marking:

Laser engraving is a continuous high energy laser beam generated by the laser generator, after focusing the laser beam on the surface of printer materials, so that the surface material instantly melting or even vaporization, by controlling the laser surface in the material path, thus forming the required graphic mark.

laser cutting machine



Laser can be all kinds of metal, non-metallic hotel supplies for heterosexual processing, even high hardness, high brittleness, high melting point of the material is also applicable.

2.Good effect

Laser processing without “tool” wear, no “cutting force” on the workpiece, will not produce pressure on the hotel supplies damage.


The use of laser in the hotel supplies carved text patterns, will not subsided due to changes in the environment, but permanently maintained.

4.High precision

Laser processing accuracy can reach within the millimeter, very delicate and beautiful.

5.Provincial materials

Laser processing using computer programming, you can put the shape of the hotel supplies materials for the cut, to maximize the utilization of materials.

6.Easy to operate

After a simple training, the operator can achieve one person at the same time operating more than one machine, saving labor costs.



We may encounter burning edge problem when using metal laser cutting machine in processing. Do you know why this occurs and how to solve it?

laser cutting machineMetal laser cutting machines generate a lot of heat when processing sheet metal. Under normal circumstances, the heat generated by cutting will spread along the slit into the processed sheet metal to be cooled. In the processing of the small hole of the metal laser cutting machine, the outside of the hole can be cooled, and the small hole portion inside the single hole is small in space due to heat diffusion, and the energy is too concentrated to cause overburning and drossing. In addition, in the slab cutting, the molten metal accumulated on the surface of the material and the accumulation of heat generated during the perforation may cause the auxiliary airflow to be disordered and the heat input to be excessive, thereby causing overburning.


1. Solution for over-burningproblem of metal laser cutting machine in the cutting of carbon steel holes: In the cutting of carbon steel with oxygen as the auxiliary gas, the key to solving the problem is how to prevent the heat of oxidation reaction. A method of assisting oxygen during perforation and switching to assist air or nitrogen for cutting may be employed. This method can process small holes in 1/6 thick plates. Pulse cutting conditions with low frequency and high peak output power have the feature of reducing heat output and contributing to optimization of cutting conditions. The condition is set to a single-pulse laser beam, a high peak output with high energy intensity, and a low frequency condition, which can reduce the accumulation of molten metal on the surface of the material during the perforation process and reduce the heat output.

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2. Solution of metal laser cutting machine in aluminum alloy and stainless steel cutting: In the processing of such materials, the auxiliary gas used is nitrogen, no burning edge occurs during cutting, but the temperature of the material inside the small hole very high, the internal slag phenomenon will be more frequent. The solution is to increase the pressure of the auxiliary gas and set the condition to a high peak output, low frequency pulse condition. The auxiliary gas uses air as well as when nitrogen is used. It does not burn too much, but it is easy to slag at the bottom. It is necessary to set the conditions to high auxiliary gas pressure, high peak output, and low frequency pulse conditions.

The First Choice for Soft Fabric Cutting—Laser Cutting Machine

The First Choice for Soft Fabric Cutting—Laser Cutting Machine

   The society is changing with each passing day, and the life is flourishing. People’s pursuit of life is constantly improving, and the clothing, food, housing and travel are all returning to simplicity, comfort, beauty and nature, but at the same time they are also pursuing high quality. The soft cloth laser cutting enables the manufacturing industry related to soft fabrics such as clothing and home textiles to follow the rapid development of society.

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   Soft fabric is a popular element nowadays. Comfort, nature and generosity are the reasons for consumers’ pursuit. Soft fabrics are generally lighter, have a better drape, and have a smoother feel. Therefore, garments made of soft fabrics will naturally stretch. At the same time, the fabrics designed by soft fabrics mostly reflect the graceful curves of the human body. In addition, curtains, sofa fabrics, etc. are gradually using soft fabrics, making the room more delicate and comfortable.

soft cloth laser cutting

   Different from the traditional cloth cutting, the soft cloth cutting mentioned here is using high-tech laser equipment, which does not require a large number of people, cumbersome procedures, and the operation is simple and quick. In addition, with advanced control software and spare parts, the machining speed is faster and the machining effect is better.

   With the widespread use of laser cutting machines and laser engraving machines, laser processing of soft fabrics has gradually attracted industry attention. Who can use laser equipment to create the right products, who will occupy an important position in the market.