Eleven Steps To Ensure Safe Test And Set For Chinese CO2 Laser Power

Eleven Steps To Ensure Safe Test And Set For Chinese CO2 Laser Power

As we all know ,electric power is different in different countries ,so it is as laser power .I think many friends know ,laser power is used for laser cutting machine .With the development of technology ,more and more friends choose Chinese laser cutting machine ,it is important to test and set Chinese CO2 laser power .This blog tell you how to do it base on 11 steps .

Step 1:Do Not Touch the Red Wire.
1. Power off laser machine
2. Wait ten minutes. this is the time for the power supply to drain power from its electrical capacitors.
3. Setup as shown in photos below. You will need to purchase and use two sets of wires. We recommend a black wire with aligator clips on each end and a red wire with aligator clips on each end. These wires should be available at radio wireless
A. See the power supply wire connection. Do not touch the red wire. It has extremely high voltage that is lethal.
B. See the thin wire. It is colored blue, or black, or green as shown.

Step 2:Insert Meter Wires to Measure Current (mA)
See the meter below as an example meter. Some meters are slightly different, so adjust instructions as needed. Set meter to read current at mA. Set meter to read DC current. Insert red cable of meter into meter connection for current (labeled mA, or micro A, or A).

Step 3:The Meter Reading Should Show the Proper Units (mA) and a Zero Value

Step 4:Disconnect Thin Wire (colored Blue or Black or Green) From the Laser.

Step 5: Connect Your Wire to the Laser (aligator Clip Is Useful on Return Wire).

Step 6:Connect Your New Wire to Meter Red Wire.

Use an Electrical Insulator, Like the Wood Block Shown, to Support the Wire at the Connection.

Connect Your New Wire to Meter Red Wire

Step 7: See the Solid Electrical Connection.

See Its Location, in the Center of the Wood Insulator Plank.

Step 8:Connect the Thin Wire From the Power Supply (colored Blue/black/green) to the Black Wire of the Meter Using Your Wire (alligator Clips Are Useful).

Step 9: More Cable Connections Located in the Center of the Insulating Board

Step 10: Confirm Electrical Connections. Take Reading.
Check and confirm all connections and review these instructions. After you confirm that all connections have been completed properly, then power on the laser machine.

Using the touchpad, select Menu and set the laser power to 5% and the time to 3000 ms. Power on the the laser from the touchpad and read the meter after the number settles. To confirm that you have no problems, there will be no sparks or electrical arcing. If sparks or electrical arcing then stop all work, power off the machine.

If the meter provides a reading and no sparks or arcing, then proceed by setting the laser power to 100%.

The current measurement at maximum output power should be 28 mA for a long life setting for a standard Chinese CO2 glass laser tube. If the value is higher (such as more than 30 mA) then the internal gases will be consumed much more quickly during operation and the glass laser tube will need to be replaced more often.

Step 11: Adjusting the Potentiometer to Reduce Current
To adjust the current downward, consult your power supply manual. DO NOT open the laser power supply enclosure and insert your fingers. Using a grounding wire, ground everything when working on a power supply. I was shocked six hours after power off, by touching the underside of the circuit card inside the laser power supply. Always use a wire connected to ground to remove any lingering voltages stored in the capacitors inside the laser. In many cases, the enclosure does not need to be opened and the potentiometer can be adjusted.

Okay ,hope this steps can help you ,at the same time ,thank you for your reading .

Why More And More Factories Choose Laser Cutting Machine For Gift Industry ?

Why More And More Factories Choose Laser Cutting Machine For Gift Industry ?

Laser cutting machine ,as a new technology machine ,has be used in many different industries ,espically like clothes ,banner ,flag and etc cutting . But recent advances in technology have meant that machines for laser cutting have reduced in size quite dramatically, meaning that they are now used in schools, libraries and independent workshops.

As we all know ,personalized consumption is more and more popular recent years ,espically in gift industry .People all like to choose different and amazing gift for our friends ,relatives .When laser cutting technology came out ,gift industries will be amazing as you can see .

Below are some applications of laser machines in gift industry
Engraving gift products.
Personalized Corporate gifts like glassware, stationary or crafts.
Engraved keepsakes.
MDF and Acrylic showpieces.
Beautiful laser cut candy boxes.
Laser cut Wedding Invitation Cards
Laser cut and engraved MDF boxes.
Decorative items for various festivals like Diwali, Eid, Rakshabandhan etc.
Awards and trophies.
Designer Gift tags.

gift laser cutting

And why more and more people choose laser cutting machine for gift industries:
1. Minute Precision
Lasers are far more precise than a human could ever be. As it is a light-based cutter, it is perfectly straight, even at the smallest point. It can cut to a size of 0.32mm, which would not even be a visible deviation to the human eye, and the entire cutting process is pre-programmed on a controller, meaning that there is no risk of human error in the process, and no need to worry about the burning or defacing of a valuable gift. There is a guarantee of straight edges, and laser engraving allows for an ornate message to be printed on to a gift for added personalization. This is ideal for a laser-engraved wallet, for example.

2. Versatility
A laser cutting and engraving machine can decorate almost any material, regardless of hardness. This makes it an ideal solution for glass and wood engraving, especially, with key ring engravings and named glasses being some of the most popular laser engraved gifts on the market. As the area that is heat-affected from laser cutting is so small, there is little to no risk of cracking even in the finest glass product, so it is a safer option for engraving than the manual alternative. Some of the most used raw materials in gifting industry are MDF, Acrylic, Plastic, Coated Metal, aluminium etc.

3. Adaptability
Because the process of laser engraving is computer-programmed, it allows for minute, last-minute changes that can be symmetrical if necessary. Not only that, but different types of laser cutter can be used on different materials to ensure the cleanest possible finish to a gift. For example, a laser micro jet is used if the material is likely to accumulate debris while being cut, meaning that even larger gifts can be cut, using a wider laser, without the risk of damage or build-up or dirt. This is a process often used on large laser engravings on wooden objects.

4. Cost
As laser cutting and engraving is done by a programmed controller communicating with a laser device, there is no element of precision manual work involved, meaning that the overall cost is lower both for a vendor and a customer. The speed of production is also much greater, allowing suppliers to produce and sell more units with a greater profit margin.

Laser cutting and engraving technology is well-established in many markets, but is still growing in the gift market. Its applications are almost endlessly applicable, and so companies investing in cutting and engraving machines at this time are still ahead of the curve, and will be able to offer a higher quality, more versatile and more customisable customer experience than most competitors.

How About CO2 Laser Cutting Machine For Panties Cutting ?

How About CO2 Laser Cutting Machine For Panties Cutting ?

Laser cutting machines allow metal fabricators to create high-quality parts that require very little, if any, finishing work. As the high-powered laser is cutting, excess material is either melts, burns or vaporizes away. A high pressure jet of gas also blows away any debris, resulting in a highly finished surface cut.

Laser cutting machines offer a substantial number of benefits for consideration when selecting a cutting device. Besides its advantages over conventional mechanicaplasma cuttingl cutting, laser cutting is a quiet process. Safety is also important and, as a result, most laser machines are fully enclosed to prevent accidents.

Lasers are equipped with computer touch screens, so workers can plot out design alterations for prototypes and large part runs. The lasers progress quickly because of high feed rates and equipment speed. Workers can also cut multiple jobs in one run by storing inventory on site.

Laser cutting machine have many different applications ,for textile ,fabric ,metal and etc ,However, do you know laser cutting machine for panties cutting ?

laser cutting panties

Panties in American English are a form of underwear usually worn by women. Panties are most often form-fitting, but may also be loose. Typical components include an elastic waistband, a crotch panel to cover the genital area (usually lined with absorbent material such as cotton), and a pair of leg openings that, like the waistband, are often made of elastic. Various materials are used, but are usually chosen to be breathable.

Using laser cutting machine for panties cutting ,can have many different shapes and many different patterns.Can meet many different demands in the market .

If you want to know more applications about laser cutting machine ,welcome to contract me !