What are the commonly used engineering materials for metal laser cutter?

What are the commonly used engineering materials for metal laser cutter?

Although almost all metal materials have high reflectance to the infrared wave energy at room temperature, the CO2 laser, which is in the far infrared 10.6um beam, has been successfully applied to the laser cutting practice of many metals. The initial absorptivity of metal to 10.6um laser beam is only 0.5%~10%. However, when a focused laser beam with a power density of more than 106w/cm2 reaches the metal surface, it can melt the surface rapidly within microsecond time. The absorption rate of most metals in molten state increases rapidly, generally increasing 60%~80%.

What are the common engineering materials for cutting metal laser cutting machines?

(1) Carbon steel. Modern laser cutting equipment can cut carbon steel plates with a maximum thickness of 20MM. The cutting seam of carbon steel can be controlled in a satisfactory width range by oxidizing and melting cutting mechanism, and the slit can be narrowed to about 0.1MM.

(2) Stainless steel. Laser cutting machine is an effective processing tool for manufacturing industry using stainless steel sheet as the main component. Under strict control of heat input in laser cutting process, the heat affected zone of trimming can be restricted to be very small. Therefore, it is very effective to maintain good corrosion resistance of such materials.

(3) Alloy steel. Most alloy structural steels and alloy tool steels can obtain good edge cutting quality by means of laser cutting machine. Even with some high strength materials, straight and sticky slag trimming can be obtained as long as the process parameters are properly controlled. However, for high speed tool steels and hot die steels containing tungsten, there will be erosion and slag sticking during laser cutting.

(4) Aluminum and alloy. Aluminum cutting is a melting and cutting mechanism. Auxiliary gas is used to blow away the molten products from the cutting area. The better quality of the tangent is usually obtained. For some aluminum alloys, it is necessary to prevent the occurrence of intergranular micro cracks on the surface of the slit.

(5) Copper and alloy. Pure copper (copper) can not be cut by CO2 laser beam because of its high reflectivity. Brass (copper alloy) uses higher laser power and auxiliary gas uses air or oxygen to cut thinner plates.

(6) Titanium and alloy. Pure titanium can be well coupled to focus the heat energy transferred by the laser beam. When the auxiliary gas is used in oxygen, the chemical reaction is intense and the cutting speed is fast. However, it is easy to form oxide layer on the side of the cut. In order to be safe, it is better to use air as auxiliary gas to ensure the quality of cutting. The laser cutting quality of titanium alloy commonly used in aircraft manufacturing industry is better. Although there is a little slag on the bottom of the slit, it is easy to remove.

(7) Nickel alloy. Nickel based alloys, also known as superalloys, have a wide variety of varieties. Most of them can be oxidized and melted.

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Fiber laser cutting machine leads the innovation of sheet metal processing

Fiber laser cutting machine leads the innovation of sheet metal processing

With the rapid development of market economy, the speed, quality and economic requirements of fiber laser cutting are increasing. More and more enterprises adopt fiber laser cutting technology in metal sheet metal processing. The sheet metal industry is one of the most important applications of laser processing, and the transformation of processing technology is necessary. This provides a broad space for laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, laser marking machine and other laser equipment in the sheet metal industry. The vast majority of manufacturing industries involve sheet metal processing, such as machinery, electrical, instrumentation, kitchen and bathroom. Therefore, fiber laser cutting machine plays an important role in the sheet metal industry.

The relationship between sheet metal and fiber laser cutting machine

China has gradually become an international manufacturing center, coupled with the increasing foreign investment, the demand for metal processing has been increasing. The metal processing industry in the electrical control box, machine shell and so on are generally sheet metal parts, so the sheet metal processing capacity needs are also increasing. Subsequently, the complexity of the process is also relatively high, and even some parts of the process reached dozens of, in the precision of the sheet metal processing put forward higher requirements.

Disadvantages of traditional sheet metal processing

Traditional sheet metal processing technology: shearing-punching-bending-welding process or flame plasma cutting-bending-welding process.
In many varieties, small batches, customized, high-quality, short delivery orders before the change of processing methods is particularly important.
Traditional sheet metal processing methods: Flame cutting as the original traditional cutting way, in the cutting heat deformation large, slit wide, waste materials, processing speed, only suitable for roughing.

In view of the existing problems of traditional sheet metal cutting, the demand of laser cutting is increasing. What are the advantages of laser cutting?

1. It can realize automatic cutting and nesting, improve material utilization, tool wear and material adaptability.

2. Cut the slit narrow, the cutting quality is good, the automation degree is high, the operation is simple, the labor intensity is low, safe environmental protection.

3. Laser cutting flexibility of high, cutting speed, high production efficiency, product production cycle is short.Whether it is simple or complex parts, you can use laser to achieve a rapid prototyping cutting.

4. Fiber laser cutting machine with high speed, high-precision, high efficiency, high stability. Optical fiber Laser Cutting machine’s electro-optic conversion rate is much higher than CO2 metal laser cutting machine.The optical conversion rate of the optical fiber laser cutting machine is much higher than that of the CO2 metal laser cutting machine. The actual utilization rate is 3-5 times of that of CO2, the energy efficiency is 90% higher than that of CO2, and the cutting speed is 2 times of the same power of the CO. The world’s imported fiber laser has stable performance. The spot is smaller, and the high-precision worktable is used to achieve high precision cutting.

5. Optical fiber laser cutting machine low consumption, low-cost, low maintenance, low pollution. Large fiber laser cutting machine is maintenance-free, long service life, can save a lot of money. High photoelectric conversion rate and better energy saving. Optical fiber transmission, no need to adjust the light path, no gas generation, so that product operation and maintenance convenience, energy saving and environmental protection.



With the wide use of metal materials, the application of fiber laser cutting machine is becoming more and more popular. It is self-evident that in aviation, electrical appliances, cars, ships, kitchenware, precision accessories, sheet metal processing and other industries, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, aluminum zinc plate and other metals are needed for rapid, accurate and high speed cutting. The advantage of fiber laser cutting machine is displayed at this time.

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How to Make Money with a Laser Cutting Machine for Cloth?

How to Make Money with a Laser Cutting Machine for Cloth?

Recently our company have been studying a project that how to process jeans with our CO2 laser cutting machine for cloth. The reason why we focus on this topic is that most jeans manufacturers use potassium permanganate to fade denim to create various styles. This way is not good and environmentally friendly to people’s health and our nature. Plus, modern people prefer man-made old jeans or even ripped jeans more than conventional ones.

People are more likely to neglect the damage caused by potassium permanganate to both their health and ecological environment when wearing fashionable jeans. A new manufacturing technology is therefore needed to replace potassium permanganate. As a professional manufacturing tool for nonmetals, CO2 laser cutter is rightly applicable for engraving cloth, including jeans and other fabrics. How it works on jeans? What are the advantages of laser engraved cloth? Let’s firstly learn something about CO2 laser engraver.

CO2 laser cutting machine is a big family in which many stand and custom models are contained and can process a wide range of non-metal materials, such as paper, fabric, plastic, acrylic, glass, wood, rubber, etc. When utilizing a laser engraver to engrave on the surface of jeans, users can control the engraving depth and speed randomly to created personalized and unique styles to upgrade the value of jeans.

But whether jeans laser cutting can be profitable if you want to start a laser engraving business? If you are rightly running a laser business involving laser products customization service, you should calculate the investment on the laser engraving tool and the returns that the machine brings. Laser engraving machine price is the priority for users and also for us who are responsible for each customer’s laser business success. At FeiYue, we have been striving to upgrade our laser technology and decrease the cost as much as possible. By working closely with laser machine users and practitioners, we have improved our laser machine quality and performance markedly. You can feel reassured to buy a laser engraving and cutter machine from FeiYue with fair price and reliable service.

Investment on CO2 laser cutter can achieve lot production in factory production lines, reducing labors and work time. Even though you are a home laser user, you could develop you own laser customization business by producing jeans redesign, art crafts customization and so on. And now jeans market has great potential coming from worldwide consumers, for jeans are always welcomed by world people with different backgrounds. So there are local markets and foreign markets for jeans manufacturers to sell laser engraved jeans. A huge market for making profits!

Based on this emerging application, our company will put more money and human resources to design high-quality and user-friendly CO2 laser machines with better price to meet higher demands. If you are interested in our laser engraver and laser cutter, we are glad to receive your inquiry from below comment box.