Five Ways To Distinguish Fiber And CO2 Laser Cutter (2)

Five Ways To Distinguish Fiber And CO2 Laser Cutter (2)

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Applications of laser cutter

Difference between the fiber and the CO2 laser cutting machine:

3, Flexibility and potential for cost savings

• Fiber laser can cut brass and copper, but CO2 can not.

• The fiber laser can cut small and intricate parts or larger parts up to 10 feet long.

• With our automatic sheet loading system, we can run with minimal assistance or even
4, Turn off to save on labor costs.

• With the fiber laser, flat blank prototypes can be created quickly, without any toolscosts. We also have the ability to bend and form prototypes and production partsin our brake presses or metal stamping presses.

• Fiber systems generally have lower operation and maintenance costs than CO2systems and require less downtime.

• With on-site fiber laser services, additional cost savings can be realized throughstarting with a printed part and carrying the finished part, all in onefacilities. We can manage your project from the prototype to the end
5, Production.

For gas-assisted laser cutting, cutting with nitrogen generally produces the cleanest parts:ideal for edges that will be visible or welded. The oxygen cut is typically thefaster and ideal for pieces to be painted, they will hide or they will not require a perfectsmooth surface for welding.
So, do you know what type of laser cutting machine you choose for your industry? Which is good, which is bad, can ask this question, I think this is not a question. In general, we must choose one more suitable for your industry.


Five Ways To Distinguish Fiber And CO2 Laser Cutter (1)

Five Ways To Distinguish Fiber And CO2 Laser Cutter (1)

CO2 laser cutting machine, it is applied to so many industries for a long time. However, with the development of science and technology, laser fiber cutter is increasingly popular with consumers. What is the difference between the two laser cutting machines?

applications of laser cutting machine

Today, I will present a base difference of 5 points.
Difference between the fiber and the CO2 laser cutting machine:

laser cutting leather

1, Substrate thickness

• Fiber cuts thinner materials, particularly stainless steel, faster than the CO2 laser -mainly, 0.25 “and thinner materials.

• The CO2 laser usually cuts thicker metals (0.25 “and thicker) faster and moreexactly that most fiber lasers can, producing a better cut quality for thoseparts.

• It can be considered a “night out” point between the two laser options inapproximately 0.375″.

• Currently, the vast majority of cutting applications in sheet cutting use materialsLess than 0.25″ thick, it is worth considering the use of fiber laser cutting services.
2, speed / performance

• The stainless steel short fiber laser is about three times faster than CO2 systems. For example, the use of fiber to cut 12 or 16 gauge stainless steel offerssignificant time and cost savings due to its high-speed cutting capabilities.

• The fiber laser creates less downtime than CO2 systems, especially important forHigh volume production is executed in the appropriate parts.

3.Quality / cutting precision

• In thinner materials, the fiber laser offers a cutting quality superior to that of CO2, but CO2 typically produces cleaner cut pieces of thicker materials.

• The general tolerances of +/-. 005 “are easily maintained in .250” or thinner materials.Tighter tolerances can be achieved, but may require more testing and setup time.


What Should Consider When You Buy CO2 Laser Cutting Machine ?(2)

What Should Consider When You Buy CO2 Laser Cutting Machine ?(2)

Laser cutting machine ,new technology cutting machine use laser .Widely applications of laser cutting machine ,meanwhile ,choose high quality laser cutting machine is very important thing .

applications of laser cutter

Today, I will go on to talk about how to choose CO2 laser cutting machine on other 5 points.

1. Software Requirements
The factor of software requirements is a huge one especially when it comes to the system of units that a machine works with. For example some machines are programmed to be used with SI units and therefore it would be hectic if your purchase this machine and your field work in the BG Units. It would require conversion in every instance and this would be tedious.

2. Floor Space
This refers to the amount of room that this machine will occupy in the workshop. It would not be recommended to buy a huge machine when you only have room for a smaller one in your workshop. In this case you should buy the small one. The best option can be discussed with our team.

3. Accessories
Some laser cutting machines will come with added functionality and this will be a huge plus. For example, one that comes with rotary tool is used when engraving round objects and this makes it more useful than one with capability of cutting plane surfaces only. Depending upon the model the optional accessories needed can be discussed for the optimum performance.

4. Maintenance
Every machine is meant to increase efficiency and increase the work done per time. every machine requires proper maintenance to continue with proper functioning. Maintaining the laser cutting machine is easy, there are simple guidelines.

5. The benefits of a laser cutting machine
Ensure that you evaluate all the benefits. On productivity the machine has a high cutting speed and very effective in terms of accuracy errors. The machine helps reduce power consumption use and time taken. The machine is well designed and compact hence ease in use. Laser cutting machine is automated hence ease in storage, loading and unloading.