1610/1810/ 2610 Single Head Multipoint Positioning Laser Cutting Machine

1610/1810/ 2610 Single Head Multipoint Positioning Laser Cutting Machine

General DetailsSingle Head Multipoint Positioning Laser Cutting Machine

Multipoint positioning laser cutting machine is a newly type laser cutting machine .This multi-point positioning laser cutting machine uses two systems, a high-altitude camera system, a multi-point system. And it is equipped with automatic feeding platform, in the design of automatic feeding platform, equipped with induction switch, induction fabric is about to be next to the ground, it will stop feeding, which can be said that multi-point positioning laser cutting machine design the greatest success at the place.In the operation, only need to set a few points on the computer can be cut, and is very suitable for cutting long fabrics.



Technical Specification

Power 60W,80w,100W,130W,150W
Laser type:  Single Head
Power supply: AC220V±10%,50HZ
Working area: 1600X1000MM 1800X1000MM 2600X1000MM
cutting speed: 0~30m/min
Format supported DXF/PLT/AI/DST/BMP/JPG
Worktable: Lifting platform
Locating precision: 0.1mm
Cooling mode Water- cooling and protection system
Operating temperature: 0°c-45°c
Work degree of humidity 5-95%(have no Ning water)
Resolution ratio: 0.025mm
Control configuration: Advanced DSP controlling system
Data transfer interface: USB flash disk / directly from computer
System environment: Above Window 2000, window XP
Cooling way: Water cooling
Graphic format supported: BMP,GIF,JPGE,PCX,TGA,TIFF,PLT,CDR,DMG,DXF, etc.
Compatible software Transmit files directly form Coreldraw, AutoCAD, etc.
Cutting thickness 20mm
Color separation 200
Sloping engraving 90°–180°
Cuts off the water supply the protection  yes
Machine dimention 1000*840*710mm
Red point as standard not
Air pump as standard Yes
Net weight 85kg
packing Standard non-woody

1. Suitable for continuous cutting of over-length printed fabric.
2. Through the feature points can accurately locate the printing cutting piece, can
accurately cut large scale and over-length fabric.
3. Not affected by the color, shape and size of the cut.
4. No Leaky cutting, no cut the wrong.
5. It effectively avoids the waste of material and time caused by inaccurate positioning
in the edge cutting.
6. Automatic feeding, can save feeding time and labor costs.
7. Minithoracotomy and no deformation, no burr on the whole, more natural, greatly enhance the brand image.
8. High speed, high precision cutting, and high cutting efficiency.
9. Adopt the advanced computer technology to deal with the deformation of the fabric.
10. The whole process automatically run without human intervention

Applicable Materials:
Suitable for all kinds of printed material:Cycling jerseys, swimsuit, club shirt, sportswear, flags, toys, clothes, printed vamp and other special material.

applications of Multipoint Positioning Laser Cutting Machine


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