Single head Large Size Laser Cutting Bed Series

1326 Single head Large Size Laser Cutting Bed Series


General details 

Laser cutting bed adopts large area open body design, with roll conveyor suction bed and auto materials feeding system. Machine can continuously cut large size roll materials, system can automatically generates continuous join cutting for  material which is longer than the cutting bed. Intelligent control system can support various data transfer, easy and convenient operation. This series machines can be equipped with vision camera position system for auto position cutting.

Technical Specification

Model FY-1326
Laser power 130w/150w
 Laser heads Single head
Cutting area 1300mm*2600mm
 Workbench The blade platform
Working voltage AC220V~240V, 50/60Hz
 Cutting speed  0~45m/min
 Whole power  < 2.5KW
 Format supported  DXF/PLT/AI/DST/BMP/JPG
 Cooling mode Water-cooling and protection system
 Operating temperature 0℃~45℃
Prerating humidity 5%~95%


* Low purchase cost: nearly 1/3 one computer complete automatic laser cutting bed;
* The use of low cost: the following do not pave the kraft paper, do not cover the film above, Do not change cutting tool frequently, low cost of supplies;
* Less power consumption: one hour as long as 2-3 kWh;
* Smooth no burrs at the edge, cutting the gap small, no coke and yellow phenomenon, high quality;
* High precision cutting, no deformation, no hair loss. Suitable for accurate cutting, cutting precision can be reaching 0.1mm;
* Environmentally friendly closed design, smoking on the filter, laser head and smoke system synchronization;
Under the ventilation and negative pressure system, so that cutting the project clean and environmentally friendly, to avoid the production of pollution.
Also special fabrics can be equipped with a professional dust filter in addition to smoke, dust, in addition to taste

Applicable Industry

Suitable fro Garment, home textile, outdoor products, bags, shoes, suitcases, toys, carseats industries, and so on.

Applicable Materials

Fabric, leather, paper materials and so on, batch roll materials and wood, organic glass, resin, Acrylic, plastics, rubber, ceramic tile, crystal, bamboo, and other non-metal materials.

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