Four Trends of Laser Cutting Machine Market

With more and more industries using this technology, laser cutting industry is developing and growing. Investors are also looking for a diversified portfolio, but one area that needs serious consideration is the laser cutting market. Many experts predict that the laser cutting market will grow significantly from now to next ten years. If you are considering investing in this area, please know laser cutting machine’s four major trends in the market.
1. laser cutting industry has reached unprecedented heights.
According to the industry report, the laser cutting industry is expecting to reach an unprecedented growth level by 2018. Most of the growth is due to investment in laser cutting machines to replace old technologies. Many industries and regulatory bodies have increased support for laser cutting in recent years. The new FDA and FAA requirements for laser engraving parts and equipment information also contributed to the growth of the industry.
2. the market for fiber lasers will increase significantly.
Not all laser cutter are the same, and there will be a significant growth in the fiber laser market in 2018. Although not as good at cutting thicker materials as CO2 lasers, fiber lasers do have advantages in some applications. When cutting thin materials, they are cheaper to maintain, easier to use, faster, and more efficient.
3. automatic laser
In shipbuilding, aviation and automobile manufacturing industries, laser has become an important part of the automation process. According to a shipbuilding company, adding laser cutting to its manufacturing process, combined with robots, can help increase productivity, reduce overtime, and improve plant safety. In addition, laser cutting machine can also be used to manufacture and repair replacement parts, reducing the repair time. Different kinds of laser cutting machines are suitable for different application fields, and their demand for them is also increasing.
4. requirements for laser cutting quality growth
One of the trends in the whole manufacturing industry is the increasing demand for production processes, which are not only fast, cost-effective, but also of high quality. Today’s high-tech products and competitive environment require precise cutting of parts, and laser cutting can be easily realized. In fact, experts point out that the right cutting tools can make the quality of manufactured products different. By nature, laser cutting is more accurate, eliminating human errors in the cutting process, and reducing the time required to cut materials using more traditional processes.
With the continuous improvement of laser cutting machine, the whole industry can see significant growth and development, investors can also see the positive return of their investment in laser cutting.If you need laser engraver,please free free to contact us.

Laser cutting machine assists the development of advertising industry

As the saying goes, the current situation to create heroes, today, but also confirmed this eternal truth. In the advertising industry in the market, smoke everywhere, some people stand up and some people fail. And the wheel of history relentlessly, the elimination of old crafts, the birth of new technologies. Undoubtedly, the time will abandon the unchanged traditional processing methods It is the absolute truth to weed out the old and bring forth the new. Those far-sighted entrepreneurs recognize the inevitable trend of the times, recognize the laser cutting machine technology, and lead enterprises to seize the technological highland step by step, and seek more market share.
metal laser cutting machine helps the advertising industry take off. Our daily life is closely relating with the advertising industry. The development of laser cutting machine, how to promote the advertising industry to take off ?  Generally speaking, the material used in advertising industry is stainless steel and other metal sheets. The laser cutter for metal sheet processing has obvious advantages, mainly in the following aspects:
1.Save material – using computer programming technology.The computer can be import Different shapes of product graphics into software system in advance.The computer will automatically optimize the layout of materials, maximize the use of materials efficiency;
2.Simplified Procedure – The precision of laser cutting machine is much higher than other methods. So the metal cutting edge is smooth, one-time forming, without the need for subsequent edge modification. At the same time, laser cutting can save the mold opening process and improve efficiency.
3.Save mold investment -As a result, the die opening process is omitted, the consumption of the die is reducing.So no mold is repaired or replaced. In this way, the production cost is reducing and the market response speed of enterprises is improving. It can also be customized according to the needs of different customers and react quickly. Laser cutting machine is especially suitable for all kinds of production methods.
Protection of the environment – laser cutting belongs to the category of environmental protection processing, noise is lower, clean and pollution-free, which also effectively solve the enterprise due to environmental problems and can not start the situation, we can find that the use of laser cutter production workshop is often more tidy, cutting waste is also less.
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How to Prolong The Life of Your CO2 Laser Cutting Machines?

How to Prolong The Life of Your CO2 Laser Cutting Machines?

During sublimation printing industrial, CO2 laser cutting machines usually be used in cutting fabric and leather. Because of the frequently use, the machine will certainly wear out. In order to save the cost, we must learn to how to maintain our laser cutting machines. Do you know how to prolong the life of laser cutter? Reading the following and I will share you more.

The Steps to Prolong The Life of CO2 Cutting Machine

1. Laser tube mounting fulcrum to be reasonable, the fulcrum of the total length of the laser tube should be a quarter, or laser mode will be worse, some of the work will change to a few points the laser, so that the power supply can not meet the requirements, then changing the tube

2. The cooling system has a connection to the ground. Regularly clean the tank and water, and to ensure that the thermostat temperature is necessary. Otherwise the laser tube susceptible to damage or reduced life.

3. Check water protection. Cooling water should be used cold, clean water and change them regularly. Protection of water resources in the dirt, or cause the laser tube burst or cold head.

4. Check the exhaust fan unit, and regular cleaning duct. Otherwise, a lot of smoke did not break out, heavily polluted fast lens and laser tube, so that all mechanical and electronic components are easily oxidized leading to poor contact.

5. Check the focusing lenses and mirrors. After long-term use, the frame may have a fever, the lens surface discoloration rust; Tuomo cracking belong replacement object, especially a lot of customers with a large air pump and an air compressor, the lens focus on the water quickly, so you must Check a good or bad time to clean and quality lens (laser tube optical) optical system.

6. The machine can not work under too harsh working environment, if the ambient temperature is above 30 degrees, ratio, too much dust, air pollution reduced by 18 degrees, so the machine severely damaged, the failure rate rises; electrical appliances in wet conditions Accessories very easy questions. Thus, in this particular remind customers to improve the working environment and regular maintenance of the machine.

The Steps to Prolong The Life of CO2 Cutting Machine

7. A portion of each contact point of distribution and the entire device is good (fan, water-cooled machines, laser machines, laser power, is an independent computer power).

8. Working current laser tube should be reasonable, rather than long-term work in the light intensity 90-100; rationalization and save laser energy laser; an optical system is properly cleaned, otherwise it will cause premature aging and laser tube rupture, laser working time machine so strong 50-60% should be adjusted according to the material and re adjust the pace of work, this is the best working state of the laser tube.

9. The base plate and the treated material is smooth, otherwise inconsistent in some places the focal length is not cut through, so you must increase the light intensity, the laser tube will cause to rapid aging.

10. The laser power supply was cooled, opened, but in other aspects of the operating current adjustment of the temperature rises above 50% is very high, so that the laser power increased failure rate. Power like some machines can take down the side door, direct consumption of heat emission.

Okay, this is all I tell you the methods of how to protect your CO2 laser cutter. If you have any other needs or questions welcome to contact us at any time. We will provide you the best quality product and service. Hope my article can be useful to you. Thank you for your reading.