Tech Support

1.Does machine comes ready to work?
The laser machine is ready to work, the exhaust fan and the air pump and the water pump are included. (But when you using a big

power laser tube, it is suggested to buy a water chiller for cooling the laser tube)

2.How much time do I need to spend on learning how to run the laser machine?
As long as you know how to design jobs in graphic software, it just takes a few hours for you to become a master of laser machine.

You just need to do some tests to know what speed and power is good for different materials. Since we’ve provided some of the

parameter library, it will save you more time.

You can watch the guiding videos from our website to learn how to use the machine in advance too.

3.Do I need separate laser systems for engraving and cutting?
No, our laser machine can do both cutting and engraving very well.

You just need one machine for both kinds of jobs.

6.Does the machine wear after a while and start to engrave sloppy? (If so, can the wear parts be replaced?)…How much?
yes, every machine will wear. However, you don’t have to worry about that. The machine will be working normally at least 2-5 years.

After that, you may need to change the parts. And all the parts can be replaced. We will charge at a fair price.

7.What are the available focus lenses?
The standard focus lens is 2”; there is 4″ for your choice.

8.What’s the difference between focus lenses?

Shorter focus lens will have smaller final beam diameter. That’s why it is better for engraving good quality photos.

And longer focus lens is better for cutting thicker materials.

9.What’s the difference between Mo reflective mirror and Si reflective mirror?
For a laser with less than 80W and clean engraving jobs I would recommend the Silicon-Mirrors because they have the best

reflectivity (>99%).

For a laser who is doing very dirty work (cutting wood 8 hours a day) or working with aggressive chemicals I would recommend the

Molybdenum-Mirror. The reflection coating (there is no coating, the Molybdenum is just polished) is very resistant and can get cleaned

very easily. Even if the reflectivity is only at 98.5%, the Mo-Mirror is almost unbreakable.