1810 fabric laser cutting machine adopting the combination of automatic camera locating system and laser head, with the assistance of computer software, label cutting machine can compensate automatically to pinpoint deformation of the fabric, it ensures the accuracy of cutting.

laser cutting

laser cutting

Machine feature

  1. Auto feeding system adopts crawler-type worktable, sual laser head mutual move processing and auto feeding system, providing the fast cutting speed. high utilization rate of material and continuous cutting.

2.Adopt Singpore Silicon reflect mirror and lens, wear resistant, stand fire, don’t need to change constantly, low use-cost, thin laser spot, well-proportioned laser beam.

3.Advanced speed control system. it could change speed instantly during the cutting according to the different requirements of curve and straight line

4.Easy to operate. USBoffline control system: design on one computer and used on many machines, saving the PC memory source.

5.Patent technology: Special up-down exhausting system.

6.Connecting system for varies length materials cutting

7.High scanning area (1.8m x 1m) camera.

laser cutting

laser cutting

Applicable material

Our laser cutting machine use for non-metal materials such as leather, fabric, MDF, acrylic, wood planks, bamboo ware, double color boards, paper, shells, coconut shells, stone, resin animal grease, ABS boards,etc.

laser cutting

laser cutting

Applicable industries

Car seat, apparel industry, jigsaw,puzzle, kitchen, furniture, electronic components, cooling ventilation pipe, wood, cold-rolled signs, glass, plexglass, MDF, hardware, acrylic, compound materials, non-metal industry.

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