How to adjust the flight path of laser cutting machine?

How to adjust the flight path of laser cutting machine?

Laser cutting machine is very important to the production of all walks of life, in the actual production work, do not exclude the need to change the direction of laser transmission to achieve the cutting effect. This has to say that the laser engraving machine flight light path.

What is the laser cutting machine flying light path?

Generally, the laser generator is fixed, so the laser transmission direction is fixed, but in order to demand, we have to take some measures to change the laser transmission direction. Usually change the laser transmission direction is through the reflector and optical fiber refractive laser, laser generator does not move, the mirror moves. This condition is called the laser cutter’s flight path.

How to adjust the flight path?

First of all, it is necessary to ensure that the laser emitted from the laser generator can be accurately hit to the center of the no. 1 reflector. During debugging, a piece of cardboard should be added in front of the no. 2 reflector to test the spot position, so as to avoid laser radiation injury to people.

Then gradually adjust the beam position to the farthest away from the laser tube, and adjust the two marks until the mark centers coincide. Repeat until the laser reaches the specified position.

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