Why fiber laser cutting machine aging and its solutions?

Why fiber laser cutting machine aging and its solutions?

Any equipment will be aging after a long time of use, fiber laser cutting machine as a high-tech product is no exception.

Fiber laser cutting machine laser is the most easily aging parts, so in ordinary use to pay attention to this problem. So how can we slow down the aging of dineng laser cutting machine in the process of using the equipment?

There are problems with lasers themselves

Fiber laser cutting machine is the need for regular maintenance and maintenance of the external light path of the laser generator. In fact, laser cutting machine laser in the work of a period of time, the power decline is inevitable.

When the power drop to affect production, it is necessary to maintain the laser and external light path. When the maintenance is completed, the cutting capacity will be restored to the factory level.

How to maintain the laser?

Guide rails should be regularly cleaned, dust removal and other debris, to ensure the normal operation of fiber laser cutting machine.

Guide rail should often be cleaned and lubricated, there is also the motor should often be cleaned and lubricated, the machine in the process of moving can be a better position, more accurate cutting, cutting out the product quality will be improved.

If the quality of compressed air (mainly oil filtration, dryness, dust). The production site of dust, smoke, and some users spray paint work in the vicinity of the fiber laser cutting machine, these will affect the fiber laser cutting machine cutting quality and cutting capacity.

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