What are the advantages of laser cutting machine in shoemaking industry?

What are the advantages of laser cutting machine in shoemaking industry?

The development of the shoe industry has always depended on manual processing, which requires a lot of human resources, long working hours and high production costs. Laser technology is introduced into the production of shoe industry, and the traditional manual processing is replaced by laser technology, which saves labor, improves work efficiency and saves production cost.

Laser cutting applies to the cutting of shoe industry, it is to use laser irradiation to go up in material, make its gasification, melt or fracture, in order to achieve the goal of cutting.

Laser cutting machine is the use of computer programs to control the movement of the laser head, in the material to form a variety of patterns and shapes, so as to cut computer programs designed product patterns and shapes. The traditional manual processing method is to draw the desired cutting shape on the material now, and then cut it out with tools such as knives and chainsaws, resulting in waste of materials and increasing production costs.

Reduced revenue is quite unfavorable to the customer. And the use of laser technology for processing, not only product quality, cutting effect is good, high efficiency, and can save production costs, improve profits, customers are more willing to try to use laser cutting machine for production and processing.

Although the application of laser cutting machine in China’s shoe industry is at the initial stage, but laser cutting equipment with its superior performance, gradually replaced the traditional processing method, in all walks of life has been more widely used.

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