Why can fiber laser cutting machine achieve flexible production?

Why can fiber laser cutting machine achieve flexible production?

The common label of optical fiber laser cutting machine is flexibility, so what is flexibility?

First, let’s look at it in a superficial sense. Flexibility means being flexible in the production process. Flexible production means being able to accomplish different production tasks in production, adjusting market demand quickly and realizing diversified utilization of resources.

Laser cutting machine is an important equipment for flexible production. Flexibility of optical fiber laser cutting machine refers to the changeable combination of processing: laser beam adopts two methods: direct and directional. Laser can be rotated, tilted, up and down, left and right motion, can process the vertical surface of the workpiece and other complex workpiece surface; and direct drive has no free range, high precision. The parts under the beam can be moved by machine or reversed by multi-axis way, and some parts which are difficult to process by traditional method can be processed. The laser head can move freely from top to bottom, and the workpiece can be fixed while processing. It can still realize the processing of complex workpiece. Moreover, as long as the mobile rotary table is used, the parts with larger travel than the axis can be processed. The laser beam is controlled by automatic focusing. The linear axis of the laser system can be positioned along the optical axis or any axis to maintain the focus of the beam; the focus position is predictable, and the travel can be controlled.

Therefore, the use of metal laser engraving machine, can achieve the processing of sheet metal parts, no matter how complex the sheet metal parts, as long as you can draw graphics in the computer, can achieve processing and production.

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