Five Maintenance Skills of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Five Maintenance Skills of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

With the rapid development of domestic automobile, machinery, steel, large equipment and other industries, the demand of fiber laser cutting machine in the market is increasing year by year. Fiber laser cutting machine has gradually replaced the traditional numerical control punch and flame cutting in the metal sheet processing industry with its advantages of fast cutting speed and high precision.

Fiber laser cutting machine with the needs of users, has become an indispensable processing equipment, but in the daily operation of many users of fiber laser cutting machine maintenance is not very understanding. Today, Sublistarlaser editors have sorted out five maintenance tips for you, I hope you can be more helpful when using the fiber laser cutting machine.

1. Guide rails of laser cutting machine should be cleaned regularly to remove dust and other sundries. Motor and guide rail to often clean and add lubricating oil, the machine in the running can be better position, effectively ensure the cutting quality of laser cutting machine.

2. Check the steel belt of laser cutting machine frequently, and make sure to tighten it. Otherwise, there is a problem in operation, which may lead to personnel injury.

3. Vacuum the dust and dirt in the machine once a week, and all electrical cabinets should be closed to prevent dust.

4. The double-focal length laser cutting head is a vulnerable item on the laser cutting machine, which is damaged by long-term use.

5. Check the straightness of the laser cutting machine track and the verticality of the machine tool every three months, and timely debug any abnormality, otherwise the error will affect the cutting quality.

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