How to choose a high-power laser cutting machine, the higher the power, the better?

How to choose a high-power laser cutting machine, the higher the power, the better?

Competition promotes development. Undoubtedly, in recent years, the competition in the field of laser cutting machine is fierce. In addition to the competition in cutting technology, cutting speed, after-sales service and so on, laser cutting machine manufacturers have also made technological breakthroughs to higher power, competing to release 10,000-watt-level laser cutting machine products. However, there are few metal sheets that are really cut with 10,000 watt power. To a large extent, the pursuit of higher power by manufacturers is only a demonstration of technological capability.

The mainstream trend of the market can always give users some guidance, and the continuous emergence of Wanwa-level laser cutting machines seems to give users a hint: the higher the power, the better, in fact, this idea is very one-sided.

The higher the power, the more expensive the laser cutting machine is. Power is one of the main factors that directly affect the price of laser cutting machine. High power laser cutting machine has higher requirements for its hardware. The upgrade of the whole equipment parts will make the cost of the whole equipment soar. Therefore, in choosing the power of the equipment, we should consider the value that we can accept.

The higher the power, the better? Not at all! Laser cutter can be divided into low, medium and high power according to power. For thin stainless steel and carbon steel, it is possible to use a low-power fiber laser cutting machine to cut very well, but also to ensure a higher cutting speed, which not only ensures efficiency but also saves costs. Therefore, when choosing a laser cutting machine, we must make a reasonable choice according to the material quality and material thickness, and not blindly pursue high power.

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