How to set the cutting speed of fiber laser cutting machine?

How to set the cutting speed of fiber laser cutting machine?

Although the cutting speed of fiber laser cutting machine is much faster than other methods, it should be controlled in a reasonable cutting speed range, too fast or too slow is not good. The cutting speed of laser cutting machine is very important. It has a great influence on the cutting quality of stainless steel plate. The best cutting speed makes the cutting surface smooth and has no slag in the lower part.

If the cutting speed of optical fiber laser cutting machine is too fast, it will lead to steel plate can not be cut through, spark splash, slag in the lower part, and even burn lens. This is because the cutting speed is too high, the energy obtained per unit area is reduced, and the metal can not completely melt.

If the cutting speed of fiber laser cutting machine is too slow, it is easy to cause material overmelting, widening the slit, increasing the heat-affected zone, or even overheating of the workpiece. This is because the cutting speed is too low, energy accumulates at the slit, resulting in widening the slit, the molten metal can not be discharged in time, and slag is formed on the surface of the steel plate. A cutting defect is produced as shown in the following figure.

Relation between Cutting Speed and Cutting Quality of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The cutting speed of the fiber laser cutting machine and the output power of the laser together determine the input heat of the processed parts. Therefore, the relationship between the change of input heat and the quality of processing caused by the increase or decrease of cutting speed is the same as that of output power. In general, when adjusting the processing conditions, if the purpose is to change the input heat, the output power and cutting speed will not be changed at the same time, just fix one of them and change the other to adjust the processing quality.

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CO2 laser cutter VS fiber laser cutter, which one do you prefer?

CO2 laser cutter VS fiber laser cutter, which one do you prefer?

Flexible Fabrication Design with CO2 Laser Cutting

Adjusting the settings on a CO2 cutting laser varies the quality and finish of the cut, i.e., making it coarser or finer. You can reduce the power for thinner or less robust materials, as well as slow the cutting speed to prevent burning at the edges of cuts.

Because the cutting beam focuses to a pinpoint, there is far less kerf than you would get with a standard steel blade. While the kerf is minimal, it is still wise to leave a couple of millimeters spare between the parts while marking them on the sheet.

Most industrial processes involve the laser beam passing all the way through the material, separating it into two pieces. However, the laser can be adjusted to create a partial cut, and is used in two common methods of engraving:

Vector engraving – the laser beam engraves an outline.
Raster engraving – the laser ‘prints’ an infill engraving.
CO2 laser cutting can be used to cut or engrave materials as diverse as paper, plywood, and acrylics. In fact, CO2 laser cutting stainless steel is very prominent in the fabrication industry. Metals are worked using industrial-sized CO2 cutting lasers.

CO2 laser cutting allows a quick turnover of bespoke design parts at very low cost. Prototype parts can be produced, tested, and turned over for high-volume manufacturing, in the space of a day. CO2 laser cutting is an indispensable manufacturing process for most fabrication jobs. Contact one of our representatives to learn more about our laser cutting process.

Why Fiber Laser Cutting Machines are Here to Stay?

Fiber lasers are easy to use and very reliable, with minimal overhead. There are no expensive mirrors and lenses to set up and maintain. In fact, the fiber laser cutting machine is almost maintenance-free.

They are also more optically and electrically efficient. Not only does this mean that most of the power generated goes into cutting the metal, but less gets converted into waste heat. Consequently, less water cooling is required. A fiber laser consists of up to 80% of its power input, a much higher efficiency than either gas or crystal lasers.

Many industry sectors are now switching to fiber laser cutting because of the faster processing times it offers. New fiber laser metal cutting machines are combining ever higher power output with reductions in energy input. This is leading to cheaper commercial runs and prototyping. Speak to one of our team members to learn more about our fiber laser cutting technique.

CO2 laser cutter VS fiber laser cutter, which one do you prefer?Feel free to leave a comment below.


What are the common accessories of fiber laser cutting machine?

What are the common accessories of fiber laser cutting machine?

There are many common parts of fiber laser cutting machine, which can be replaced according to the use time and loss.Many processing manufacturers in order to ensure production efficiency, generally will prepare a lot of accessories, to ensure the normal operation of the fiber laser cutting machine, in case of emergency. Accessories need to be replaced frequently, because the use of fiber laser cutting machine, will cause some accessories loss, we introduce these accessories to you.

1. Reflection lens: in a typical laser system, there may be only one or two transmission optical elements, which are usually used as the output mirror of the laser cavity and the focus lens at the end. On the other hand, in some other laser systems, there may be five or more reflective lenses. The reflective lens is used as the tail mirror and the refractive mirror for the beam steering in the laser cavity and in the beam transmission system.

2. Beam expanding lens: beam expanding lens is a lens assembly that can change the diameter and divergence Angle of laser beam.

3. Protective lens: the main function of laser protective lens is to prevent debris splash, prevent splash damage to the lens, and coat both sides with anti-reflection film with high damage threshold to reduce reflection. (the replacement time cycle of these lenses is generally about 3 months, which is more determined by the actual processing situation).

4. Copper nozzle: it can help gas spewing out quickly and effectively prevent sundries such as melting stains from bouncing up, thus protecting the focusing mirror. At the same time, it can control the area and size of gas diffusion, which will affect the cutting quality of laser cutting machine. At the same time, the diameter of the nozzle will vary according to the thickness of the cutting material. The replacement period is about two months.

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