Still don’t know how to properly install the CO2 laser tube? look here!

Still don’t know how to properly install the CO2 laser tube? look here!

The meaning of CO2 laser tube

The CO2 laser tube is composed of CO2 gas, nitrogen gas, hydrogen gas, etc., and produces a power of 20 kW or more with a laser beam of 10.6 μm. It can realize continuous work and is often used in laser marking machines and laser cutting machines. Therefore, its application is extremely extensive.


So, how to install the laser tube correctly?
The following four steps teach you to get it!

The laser tube is mounted on the back of the machine. The laser tube cover is opened. Two laser tube brackets and two open cover protection sensors can be seen. The cover protection is optional for the equipment (four for each of the dual laser head models).

Fasten the laser tube by fastening the belt on the laser tube holder and tightening the screw.
Note: Do not tighten the laser tube too tightly to avoid damage to the laser tube. Be sure to keep the inlet port (light outlet end) under the pipe body.

After fixing the laser tube, connect the inlet pipe connected to the water protection end to the inlet of the negative end of the laser tube, and the other outlet pipe is connected to the high pressure end outlet of the laser tube, as shown in the figure above.
Note: Each water pipe joint should be docked firmly to prevent water leakage. The hose should be straightened and not discounted, so as to avoid water flow.

Finally, the laser tube power cable is pulled through the casing threading hole to the laser power source. The positive and negative terminals of the laser tube and the laser power source are connected to the positive and negative terminals. The positive and negative electrodes of the laser power supply are also marked.

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