Analysis of the principle and characteristics of a laser sensor

Analysis of the principle and characteristics of a laser sensor


What is a laser sensor?

Laser sensors are sensors that are measured by laser technology. It is usually made up of lasers, optical components and photoelectric devices. It can convert the measured physical quantities (such as length, flow rate, speed, etc.) into optical signals, and then convert the optical signals into electrical signals by means of photoelectric converters. The output signal is obtained through filtering, amplifying and rectifying the corresponding circuit, so as to calculate the measured signal.

What are the characteristics of a laser sensor?

1. The laser sensor is simple in structure, adaptable, easy to manufacture and easy to guarantee high accuracy. Small size sensors can be made to achieve special measurements and work at high and low temperatures. Strong environment such as strong radiation and strong magnetic field can withstand high pressure, high impact, overload and so on.

2. The dynamic response is good. Because the electrostatic attraction between the plates is very small, the energy required is very small, and the movable part can be made very small and thin. Therefore, its natural frequency is very high, its dynamic response time is short, it can work at several MHz frequency, and is especially suitable for dynamic measurement.

3. The larger relative variation is only restricted by the linear region, and its value can reach one hundred percent or greater, which can ensure the resolution and measurement range of the sensor.

4. The fever is small, and its temperature coefficient is small. Because the capacitance value of the capacitance sensor is not related to the electrode material, the laser cutting machine can choose materials with low temperature coefficient, which can ensure good stability under the condition of stable external temperature.

What are the advantages of a laser sensor?

The structure principle is simple and reliable, and the anti-interference ability is strong. It is suitable for all kinds of bad working environment. The resolution is higher, such as several nanometers when measuring length. The indication error is small and the stability is good, so it is suitable for rapid measurement.

Laser technology and laser are one of the most important science and technology in 1960s. Because of its strong directionality, high brightness and good monochromatic characteristics, it is widely used in industrial and agricultural production, national defense military, medical laser sensors, scientific research and so on. Such as ranging, precision detection, positioning, etc., also used as a length reference and optical frequency reference.

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