What does the fiber laser cutting machine use to do?

What does the fiber laser cutting machine use to do?

The structure of fiber laser cutting machine is composed of worktable, fiber laser and console. It belongs to the new generation of large-scale processing equipment. And the traditional CNC punching machine, flame cutting, plasma cutting machine belongs to the same machine tool. At present, fiber laser cutting machine is favored by many users in the industry due to its advantages of fast cutting speed, low maintenance cost and high cutting quality.

So what does fiber laser cutting machine do? How does it work?


In a simple way, the laser of a fiber laser cutting machine translates energy into a laser beam, illuminates the surface of the metal material through the cutting head, and absorbs the heat of the laser beam to a melting boiling point in a moment, and forms the cutting seam to form the cutting effect according to the position of the computer designed pattern program to move the cutting head.

Fiber laser cutting machine has excellent quality for stainless steel, carbon steel, iron plate, alloy steel, aluminum, copper, galvanized sheet, titanium alloy and other metal materials. At present, the big bulk has been widely recognized in sheet metal processing, chassis cabinets, kitchen utensils manufacturing, auto parts, metal handicrafts, machinery manufacturing and other industries.

What are the advantages of a fiber laser cutting machine?

1. The cutting quality is good. The surface of the sheet metal produced by the fiber laser cutting machine is smooth and smooth without burrs.

2. The cutting speed is fast. Stainless steel processed with auxiliary gas for processing 1mm can be cut 35 meters per minute.

3. The material is not deformed. Fiber laser cutting machine works through the principle of laser beam irradiating materials. There is no contact with the workpiece itself, so the material has no deformation.

4. The operation is simple and convenient. The operation of fiber laser cutting machine only needs to design the pattern that needs to be processed in the control software, and it can run automatically without manual operation.

5. The cost of maintenance is low. Because there is no need for die and no wear at work, the maintenance cost of fiber laser cutting machine is low.


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