Key points for the cleaning of optical elements in laser cutting machine

Key points for the cleaning of optical elements in laser cutting machine

Once the laser cutting machine optics is contaminated or even stuck to the small point of the cut product, cleaning it is an extremely important and often overlooked problem.

Here are some cleaning tips:

(1) Cleaning of the lens. Bend the lens paper into a few folds and soak it with a few drops of analytically pure acetone. Gently wipe the lens surface with a dampened lens paper. Be careful not to press the lens with your fingers. Repeat several times until the lens surface is clean, free of dirt and residual traces remaining on the mirror. Dry with dry air; if necessary, roll the lens paper wet with a few drops of acetone into a rod and gently scrub the surface of the lens to remove heavy stains.

Tips:It should be noted that acetone easily absorbs moisture and moisture from the air and contaminates the acetone itself. Therefore, to close the acetone bottle, never return the acetone remaining after washing to a new acetone bottle.

(2) Cleaning of the mirror lens. Remove the lens from the frame with the mirror facing up and the lens paper on the mirror. Drop a few drops of acetone on the lens paper and gently pull the lens paper over the mirror. Repeat the above steps until the mirror surface is clean, no stains and residual stains remain on the mirror surface, and then the lens is placed in the lens holder.

Tips:If a molybdenum mirror is used as the mirror, it can be used directly after polishing because it cannot be plated, so it can be cleaned with water (soap or detergent-containing water). However, other coated lenses on the surface cannot be washed with water, as many coatings dissolve in water and the lens will be destroyed.

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