What is laser cutting point and how to choose laser cutting point?

What is laser cutting point and how to choose laser cutting point?

What is the laser cutting point?

When the laser cutting machine is used for sheet metal processing, the laser beam is placed on the metal plate to form a pits, and a hole is formed with the ejection of the air stream. This is the so-called laser cutting point. Laser cutting puncture point is the starting point of laser cutting.

Why should we choose a laser cut puncture point?

Here we need to explain the principle of laser cutting. Through laser beam emitting high density laser beam, the material is continuously irradiated by the laser beam to form a pit, absorbing heat and heating up to the boiling point, the material begins to form the hole, and the laser beam is cut at the starting point for the hole. Because of the time when the laser beam passes through the steel plate to cut into the contour, the cutting speed will have a great change in the vector direction. That is, the 90 degree rotation of the vector direction is changed from the tangent direction perpendicular to the cutting contour to the tangent line of the cutting contour, that is, the angle between the tangent line and the contour tangent is 0 degrees. In this way, the cutting surface of the processed material will be more rough than the cutting surface. Therefore, the selection of the puncture point is related to the finish of the end surface after the material is processed.

How to choose the laser cutting point?

With the development of laser technology, the quality of laser cutting begins to increase continuously. The general laser cutting, if there is no roughness of the cutting fracture, can allow the control software to choose the puncture point automatically. For machining parts with higher roughness requirements, the puncture point should be adjusted manually when programming. Generally speaking, follow a principle. The direction of the laser beam is perpendicular to the tangent direction of the machined parts. The operator should pay attention to the direction of the beam, cut it continuously and continuously, and do not jump directly to another location in another place. This will easily lead to many small holes in the cutting process, which will affect the overall quality of cutting.

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