Six applications of optical fiber laser cutting machine

Six applications of optical fiber laser cutting machine

At present, fiber laser cutting machine has been gradually popularized in China’s main metal processing industry. What are the mainstream applications?

1. Car industry. The auto industry needs to deal with many corners or burrs, such as automobile doors and exhaust pipes after forming. If artificial, it is difficult to achieve the first accuracy, followed by a lot of efficiency. Robot laser cutting machine can be processed quickly.

2. Advertising industry. Advertising industry is much more customized because of its low efficiency in traditional way. Laser cutting machine, no matter how thick the plate, no matter how many Glyph shape, laser cutting machine will satisfy you.

3. Kitchenware industry. Now more and more houses, more and more decoration, kitchenware related products demand is bigger and bigger. Laser cutting machine is suitable for cutting stainless steel plate, with high speed, high precision and high satisfaction.

4. Sheet metal processing. In short, processing is a variety of plates, a variety of different graphics cutting parts. The characteristics of laser cutting machine are developing vigorously in this industry.

5. Cabinet industry. Including distribution cabinets, filing cabinets, etc., are standardized production of thin plates, requiring efficiency. The use of laser cutting machine four or six workstations is more suitable, high efficiency. For specific plates, it can also be double-layer cutting.

6. Fitness Equipment. Because the state attaches importance to sports health and the development of personal health concept. Square fitness equipment and household fitness equipment and so on have gradually developed, and demand is increasing. Basically, some pipe cutting, using tube laser cutting machine is more convenient and fast.

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