When you buy a car, you also buy these laser technology

When you buy a car, you also buy these laser technology

According to the statistical analysis of the China Automobile Industry Association, in 2017, 29 million 15 thousand cars and 28 million 879 thousand cars were sold throughout the year, ranking the number one in the world for nine consecutive years. The automobile industry has important strategic significance for the development of national economy. In the automobile production process, the most advanced equipment, the most advanced technology and the latest technology are integrated, and laser technology is one of them.The laser technology is one of the most important.

Car body in white laser welding, auto parts laser cutting, laser welding, auto parts laser marking. There are thousands of parts inside the car, most of them can not do without laser processing technology.

Laser welding of automobile body in white

Car body in white is a large framework for vehicle assembly, and its quality is closely related to vehicle safety. Initially, lasers were only used for welding simple cylindrical parts. Such as the automatic transmission component of a vehicle.Nowadays, laser has been widely used in the process of handling the structure of the whole vehicle. It can be seen in the welding of the top of the white body, the side door welding, the floor welding, the rear cover welding and so on.

In vehicle crash test, besides the body structure and strength of steel plate, welding quality is also an important factor affecting vehicle safety. Compared with the traditional welding technology, laser welding can increase the welding strength by 30%.

Laser cutting of auto parts

Three-dimensional laser cutting has a high degree of flexibility. Under normal circumstances, a set of moulds can only process one workpiece. Three dimensional laser cutting can be applied to any work process of any workpiece.

When the workpiece product changes, such as surface, trimming and hole changes, it is necessary to change the offline procedure of laser cutting. Because the fixture used is relatively simple, so the fixture change is also convenient. Therefore, laser cutting is more active. It can reduce mold investment and shorten sample trial period, and is suitable for automobile parts processing with various shapes and high accuracy requirements.

Laser welding of automobile parts

Gear drives are used in many cars in the car. For example, the gearbox of a car is a complicated gear transmission mechanism. Others include the drive axle, differential, steering gear, and even some electrical components. For example, glass lifters, wipers, electronic handbrake, etc., in these devices also used a gear transmission.

The traditional welding technology has the disadvantages of large heat input and easy deformation, which can not meet the high accuracy requirements of gears. Vacuum electron beam welding and laser welding can meet the requirements of gear welding process. Vacuum electron beam welding requires vacuum environment, low efficiency, expensive equipment, and is not suitable for industrial production. Therefore, the use of laser welding for gear welding is more suitable. Laser welding technology has become an important condition for the application of gear welding.

If you have just touched the laser cutting industry, this article will help you to buy what type of laser cutting machine.

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