What kind of laser cutting machine is the best choice for 8mm carbon steel?

What kind of laser cutting machine is the best choice for 8mm carbon steel?

You know,laser cutting has been involved in all walks of life. Due to the needs of business, some customers may need to cut carbon steel material about 8mm. For such a thick material, many customers are still choosing flame cutting or CNC punching machine, but the processed products have many burrs and slow speed. Today, I would like to tell you what kind of equipment to choose 8mm thick steel plate is most suitable.

8mm thick carbon steel materials not only fail to meet the speed requirements for traditional cutting equipment, but also have a certain gap with the laser cutting machine in terms of quality. Laser cutting machine is a necessary equipment for cutting metal sheet metal because of its strong cutting ability, high speed and high machining accuracy. In addition, fiber laser cutting machine can cut various complicated graphics according to the requirements and meet the needs of various industries.

The author suggests that you can choose laser cutting machine according to its business scope. We can consider the following 3 aspects.

1.If the metal material is cut below 6mm for a long time, it is recommended to purchase 500W fiber laser cutting machine. The power is moderate, the price is relatively cheap, and the economic returns are fast.

2.If we often cut carbon steel about 8mm, we recommend that 1000W fiber laser cutting machine be equipped with switchboards. The cutting speed is 3 m /min.

3.If the cutting range is greater than 8mm thick carbon steel material, we recommend that the fiber laser cutting machine with a power of more than 2000W be more perfect. Although the price will be higher, it will be more cost-effective to consider the long-term business development.

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