Common problems and solutions of laser cutting metal plate

Common problems and solutions of laser cutting metal plate

As a material cutting method, laser processing has been increasingly accepted by sheet metal producers. Laser cutting has become one of the most important metal processing methods in modern enterprises. Laser cutting is the use of a focused high-power density laser beam to irradiate the workpiece, so that the irradiated material is melted, vaporized, ablated or reached the ignition point. At the same time, the molten material is blown away by the high speed air flow with the coaxial beam, thus the cutting of the workpiece is realized.

There are several common problems in laser cutting of domestic medium thick metal plates.

The problem of perforation of thick carbon steel plate

In the thick plate processing, the time of perforation accounts for a large proportion, and laser manufacturers have developed their own piercing schemes. More typical is the energy hole (hole), the advantage of this method is fast (1 second, take t16mm as an example – the following is the same). But the defect is the influence of small shape processing. The energy injected into the perforation increases the temperature of the plate and affects the next whole cutting process. The small power pulse can be used for a long time (12 seconds), resulting in a decrease in the efficiency of cutting.

Quality problem of cutting surface

The cutting section problem is often encountered when machining medium and heavy plates, and the quality of such finished products is questioned. It is also accompanied by excessive burning and serious sticky slag, so that it can not reflect the value of high price laser processing machine from other cutting tools.

The problem of the stability of the whole plate machining

In the whole plate processing of domestic steel, the phenomenon of poor local area processing often occurs. This phenomenon is sometimes very random, even if the laser cutting machine is in good condition. In order to deal with local fault products and greatly affect the whole progress of work, the failure of this unknown reason is also given some analysis and countermeasures.

There are the following solutions to the above problems.

1. peak perforation. As the name implies, it is to use the high peak value pulse laser with small duty ratio, with the non fuel spray on the surface of the material to remove the attachment of the hole edge, and control the reasonable frequency edge perforation of the edge of the pulse.

2. for carbon steel, the important factor to change the cutting section is to control the heat input to the plate and realize the combustion of the laser irradiation part. For stainless steel, the important factor of the cutting section is the improvement of the beam and the utilization of the gas.

3. the scheme of processing stability. Using the equal length optical path (equal length of light propagation path between the light source and the processing head within the machinable area), the depth of focus change can be reduced. So that the spot and the focal depth are the same.

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