Are there any burrs in your laser cutting? How to solve it?

Are there any burrs in your laser cutting? How to solve it?

Many enterprises in the use of laser cutting machine cutting, found that the fiber laser cutting machine cutting out a lot of burr, most of the quality is not ideal, so the quality of the machine is doubted. Is that really the reason? In fact, it is not. In most cases, the burr is not caused by the quality problems of the laser cutting machine itself, but because of the wrong operation mode of the operator or the maintenance and maintenance of the cutting machine.

Next, we will summarize the causes of several common burrs and the corresponding solutions to help readers stay away from the plaguing of laser spines.


First, there is a deviation between the upper and lower positions of the focus of the beam.
Solution: adjust the location of the focus and adjust it according to the offset position.

Two, the output power of the machine is not enough.
Solution: check whether the work of laser cutting machine is normal. It is not normal to repair and maintain in time. If normal, check if the output value is correct.

Three, the cutting speed of the cutting machine is too slow.
Solution: adjust and increase the speed of wire cutting in time.

Four,the purity of the gas in the cutting machine is not enough.
Solution:Increase the purity of the gas.

Five,the addition point of the laser beam of the cutting machine has shifted.
Solution: focus on debugging, timely adjustment.


Six, laser cutting machine operation time is too long and produce instability.
Solution: turn off the machine restart and let the machine rest.

Laser cutting machine is a precision machine, operation is also a precise work, often a data error will cause its work operation is not normal, so in the work to tighten, reduce and avoid mistakes.


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