Why the fiber laser cutting machine does not cut the workpiece?

Why the fiber laser cutting machine does not cut the workpiece?

Fiber laser cutting machine as the third generation of the latest technology, it has a unique cutting edge in the sheet metal cutting industry, has been given high expectations in the industry. However, in practical applications, many operators find that the cutting effect is often not ideal, even cutting the workpiece is not transparent, which makes the enterprise feel very confused, so what is the reason why the optical fiber laser cutting machine is not cut through the workpiece?

The reasons for cutting the parts of the fiber laser cutting machine are as follows:

First of all, it is necessary to check whether the laser tube is normal. For example, whether there are aging, deformation, power and so on. If these problems are found, the appropriate laser tube should be replaced or adjusted in time.

Secondly, check and clean the exit of the laser tube to ensure the normal exit light. If lenses are damaged, the lenses should be replaced in time.

Finally, we check whether the optical path is in the center of the laser beam. Check whether there is the following phenomenon. If the laser beam passes through the center, is the part of the laser emitted obscured? If the laser beam does not pass through the center, it is easy to cause diffraction phenomenon, which reduces the laser power and the quality of the laser beam.

To solve the problem of cutting impermeable parts of fiber laser cutting machine, there are:

1. Replace the new laser tube

2, laser tube deformation, the laser tube can be rotated many times, rotating a most suitable supporting angle.

3, increase the working current in the range of the laser tube, and improve the power application.

4, reducing the size of the spot: reducing the size of the spot is more effective than increasing the working current of the laser tube or replacing the larger laser tube. It is suitable for most manufacturing sites and is lower in cost.

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