Do you know how to maintain the cloth laser cutting machine?

Do you know how to maintain the cloth laser cutting machine?


The material of the cloth laser cutting machine should be more strange, because the cloth laser cutting machine is not very common in our daily life. So what is the cloth laser cutting machine? What is its function? How should the laser cutting machine be maintained?

Introduction of cloth laser cutting machine


Cloth laser cutting machine, as the name suggests, is a machine for cutting cloth. But it is not used for cutting ordinary cloth. It is a machine specially used in the garment industry and the cutting of plush fabric.


Cloth laser cutting machine can accurately cut out any image, and equipped with automatic feeding device to achieve integrated automatic cutting. In addition, the cloth after cutting with the cloth laser cutting machine will not disperse the edges, and will not make the edge of the cloth yellow.

Daily maintenance of cloth laser cutting machine

The first is the replacement of water and the cleaning of the water tank. We need to change the water in the water pump for 3 hours, change the water of the cold water machine once a day, and clean the water tank once a week to keep the water tank clean and clean. Secondly, it is necessary to clean the fans regularly. If the fans are not cleaned for a long time, they will produce a lot of noise and are not conducive to the emission of gases. We have to deal with the garbage in the fan in time.

The above is the introduction of the cloth laser cutter and its daily maintenance method. I hope you will have some experience after seeing it. If there is any doubt about the cloth laser cutting machine, you can check the relevant information online.

How can CO2 laser cutting machine create colorful life?

How can CO2 laser cutting machine create colorful life?

Laser cutter can dance on metal, but also make leather, wood, paper and other different materials, with a variety of charm.

Laser cutting of leather

Laser cutting leather makes the product with complex lines, full of design, high precision of laser cutting and tidy cutting section, and gives the product with a fine texture. When laser cutting leather, it can avoid the penetration problem which is easily caused by the general cutting technology. While cutting the leather efficiently, the probability of the problem can be reduced to the lowest possible.

Laser cutting of wood

In addition to leather, laser cutting can be applied to materials such as cloth, acrylic, wood, rubber, and so on. The following kinds of lampshade are made by laser cutting wood. Laser cutting wood creates excellent precision and elegant and delicate effect. The texture is clear and tidy.

Laser cutting of paper

Laser cutting can make the paper more complex, abandon the shape of the four square square, whether it is cutting out the skyline of New York City, or creating a three-dimensional dream forest, as long as the use of laser cutting machine can achieve the desired effect, even in the complex, in the fine paper works, can quickly pass the present. The laser cutting machine is obtained.

Compared with the traditional cutting technology, the laser cutting machine has no mechanical stress, and the cutting effect, accuracy and cutting speed of the laser cutting machine are superior. Computer design graphics can cut out arbitrary shape, arbitrary pattern, arbitrary size of lace, efficiency and low cost and so on are the great advantage of the laser compared to the traditional processing.

Comparison between fiber laser cutter and CO2 laser cutter

Comparison between fiber laser cutter and CO2 laser cutter

Comparison between fiber laser cutting machine and CO2 laser cutting machine.

Working principle

Optical fiber laser cutting machine:

Fiber laser cutting machine is a laser cutting machine which uses fiber laser generator as light source.

CO2 laser cutting machine:

Laser cutting machine is a laser beam that is emitted from a laser and is focused on a high power density through the optical system. The laser beam irradiates the surface of the workpiece to make the workpiece reach the melting point or boiling point. At the same time, the high pressure gas which is coaxial with the beam will blow away or melt the metal.

comparative analysis

Processing cost:

CO2 laser cutting machine not only produces gas consumption, but also has a photoelectric conversion rate of only 8%-10%. Fiber laser cutting machine does not require any other consumption, and its photoelectric conversion rate can reach 30%, which is more energy saving and electricity saving.

Equipment maintenance cost:

The maintenance cost of the CO2 laser cutting machine is great. Not only the front mirror tail mirror is expensive, but the turbine bearing life is only 8000 hours, and the replacement cost is 80 thousand yuan per pair. However, the optical fiber laser cutting machine has no maintenance, basically no consumables, and can be competent for a bad working environment. It has a high tolerance to dust, shock, impact, humidity and temperature.

Technical aspects:

The CO2 laser cutting machine has complex structure and high maintenance cost. Moreover, the laser beam is highly divergent and not suitable for large format machining. Although the cutting seam is relatively thin, it is very slow when processing thick plate. However, the laser cutting machine is characterized by miniaturization, intensive, high brightness and high conversion. The laser cutting machine with equal power is 2-3 times higher than the CO2, and the cutting section is smooth.

Through the above analysis, do you know the difference between them?