Six steps of selecting and buying a fiber laser cutting machine

Six steps of selecting and buying a fiber laser cutting machine

In recent years, laser cutting technology has been more and more widely applied in sheet metal, handicrafts and other processing industries. Fiber laser cutting machine technology has been quite mature, cutting industry has a very large market share. But there are still a lot of users about how to choose a suitable fiber laser cutting machine, and there are all kinds of problems. Here I will introduce how to choose a fiber laser cutting machine correctly, which can be considered from the following aspects.

1. the requirements for the materials and business processed by the enterprise

First of all, we should consider the scope of our business, the thickness of the cutting material, which material needs to be cut, and then determine the size of the equipment that needs to be purchased and the size of the worktable. At present, the power of the laser cutting machine on the market is between 500W-6000W, and the size of the manufacturers of the worktable can be according to the customer. Demand to customize.

2. The initial choice of the manufacturer

After we confirm the demand, we can go to the market to understand or to see the performance and basic parameters of the machine. Select a number of strong and price preferential manufacturers for early communication and sample, and later we can carry out field inspection, the price of the machine, machine training, payment methods, after-sales service and so on more detailed discussion.

3. The size of laser power

When we choose the performance of laser cutting machine, we should give full consideration to our environment. The size of the laser power is very important, for example, we often cut the metal sheet below 6mm, then we choose 500W-700W laser cutting machine to meet the demand of production. If we cut more than 6mm material, we need to consider a larger power machine, which is very helpful to the cost control of enterprises.

4. The core part of the laser cutting machine

We also need to pay great attention when choosing some important parts of laser cutting machines. In particular, the laser generator, laser cutting head, servo motor, guide rail, water tank, etc., we have to distinguish whether it is made in China or imported. All these components directly affect the cutting speed and accuracy of laser cutting machine.

5. Equipment quality and use stability are also important indicators.

Now the research and development cycle of the product is short, the renewal and replacement are getting faster and faster. The variety of products, the sample trial production and the mass production are more. How to guarantee the customer order, maintain the reputation of the enterprise, and enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise is also the arduous task for each operator. Therefore, the selection and purchase of stable processing equipment is the premise and basis, as far as possible to choose the brand with high market share, perfect after-sales service system, many after-sales service outlets and long market inspection. We can not covet cheap products and buy poor quality products without after-sales service, which will have a huge impact on the production of enterprises.

6. After-sale service

The after-sales service of each manufacturer varies greatly, and the warranty time is uneven. In after-sales service, we should not only provide customers with effective daily maintenance programs, but also have a professional training system to help customers get started as soon as possible.

No matter how good a laser cutting machine is doing, the user will encounter a variety of problems in the process of using it. When it meets the problem that the customer can’t solve, it is very important for the manufacturer to provide a timely solution. It is also an important consideration when we choose to choose the laser cutting machine. Factor。