Price, Quality and Service: Which Factor You Care Most When Buying a Fiber Laser Cutter?

Price, Quality and Service: Which Factor You Care Most When Buying a Fiber Laser Cutter?

When you want to buy fiber laser cutting machine, which factor you care most? The price? Or the quality? Or service? From our 15 years’ export experience, they are all same important.

Price: Many customers always want the best quality with the lowest price. As a business man, we want to get more profit. But we also should remember a words: ”What price, what products”. You can always get some lower price from some suppliers in China Market. There is no lowest price in China at all, there is only much lower price one by one. If other suppliers can give you an offer which is even lower than the cost, what will you think about it?

As a very wise business man, when you are purchasing something, you will not only consider the price, but also you will consider the cost when you are using these purchased products.

Quality: No matter you are the final user or not, quality is very important. If you are the final user, high quality with high features machine will can save your work time and amend cost, bring you more profit. If you are the distributor, you will get more and more customers, because you always supply them with best products.

For fiber laser cutter, how to verify its quality? Now we list a few important configurations for your reference:

1. Lathe Bed:

Steel tubes and plates are welded together bed structure is better than only steel tubes welding or plates welding. It will be more stable and higher precision.

2. Gantry:

Aluminum gantry is better than traditional iron gantry. It has better stability, faster cutting speed and higher cutting precision.

3. Laser Generator:

We adopt world famous brand Germany IPG, America Nlight laser generator, global warranty.

Service: We can’t ignore it, especially for the high value fiber laser cutting machine. As a customer, if your machine doesn’t work, the supplier don’t help you solve the problems, at the same time, there are many jobs waiting for you to do for your customers, how is your feeling? Urgent! Upset! How is the result? You will must spend much money to amend it or change the parts, it not only delay your work, but also has a bad effect for your markets.

Better services can help you solve any problems:

1. Lifelong technical support online or by email

2. 24 hours online service to help you use our machine well

3. Offer oversea service for training, installing, operating if necessary

4. Offer training at our factory for free(you could visit us and learn)

So, If you want to buy the high quality machine with best price and great service, please contact us freely. If there is any products below grade, we promise that if you want to return the machine, we will accept without any delay.