Five Ways To Distinguish Fiber And CO2 Laser Cutter (1)

Five Ways To Distinguish Fiber And CO2 Laser Cutter (1)

CO2 laser cutting machine, it is applied to so many industries for a long time. However, with the development of science and technology, laser fiber cutter is increasingly popular with consumers. What is the difference between the two laser cutting machines?

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Today, I will present a base difference of 5 points.
Difference between the fiber and the CO2 laser cutting machine:

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1, Substrate thickness

• Fiber cuts thinner materials, particularly stainless steel, faster than the CO2 laser -mainly, 0.25 “and thinner materials.

• The CO2 laser usually cuts thicker metals (0.25 “and thicker) faster and moreexactly that most fiber lasers can, producing a better cut quality for thoseparts.

• It can be considered a “night out” point between the two laser options inapproximately 0.375″.

• Currently, the vast majority of cutting applications in sheet cutting use materialsLess than 0.25″ thick, it is worth considering the use of fiber laser cutting services.
2, speed / performance

• The stainless steel short fiber laser is about three times faster than CO2 systems. For example, the use of fiber to cut 12 or 16 gauge stainless steel offerssignificant time and cost savings due to its high-speed cutting capabilities.

• The fiber laser creates less downtime than CO2 systems, especially important forHigh volume production is executed in the appropriate parts.

3.Quality / cutting precision

• In thinner materials, the fiber laser offers a cutting quality superior to that of CO2, but CO2 typically produces cleaner cut pieces of thicker materials.

• The general tolerances of +/-. 005 “are easily maintained in .250” or thinner materials.Tighter tolerances can be achieved, but may require more testing and setup time.