What Materials Can Be Cutted By Laser Cutting Machine ?(2)

What Materials Can Be Cutted By Laser Cutting Machine ?(2)

Laser cutting machine ,many different types for different materials cutting .In yesterday , I have written a blogger about this .Today , I will go on ,tell you other 6 materials.

Laser cutting wood is incredibly popular for creating a wide range of products including scale models, architectural models, display pieces, POS items, wooden plaques, trophies and even jewellery.
Our machines laser cut and engrave wood at high speed creating clean edges with no burn marks or material flashback which makes them ideal for creating complex objects of all shapes and sizes for a wide range of products.
Because laser cutting is non-contact there is no need to change cutting tools, no additional material damage and no need to clamp your material into place, saving time and money.

Laser cutting wood

Paper and card are particularly suited to laser cutting. In comparison to cutting plotters or hand cutting.
A far superior cut quality is produced on even the most intricate and delicate designs. Our whole range of laser cutting machines laser cut paper materials with ease with incredible accuracy and quality due to high speed computation of complex shapes.

Bottles,glasses (engraving only )

Linoleum ,Car Mats,Carpet Tiles

Packaging, Upholstery, Polyurethane, Polystyrene, Depron

Clear, Printed, Coloured, Printed sign graphics

So do you know what specific materials can be cutted by laser cutting machine,If any questions ,welcome to contract us !

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