How About CO2 Laser Cutting Machine For Panties Cutting ?

How About CO2 Laser Cutting Machine For Panties Cutting ?

Laser cutting machines allow metal fabricators to create high-quality parts that require very little, if any, finishing work. As the high-powered laser is cutting, excess material is either melts, burns or vaporizes away. A high pressure jet of gas also blows away any debris, resulting in a highly finished surface cut.

Laser cutting machines offer a substantial number of benefits for consideration when selecting a cutting device. Besides its advantages over conventional mechanicaplasma cuttingl cutting, laser cutting is a quiet process. Safety is also important and, as a result, most laser machines are fully enclosed to prevent accidents.

Lasers are equipped with computer touch screens, so workers can plot out design alterations for prototypes and large part runs. The lasers progress quickly because of high feed rates and equipment speed. Workers can also cut multiple jobs in one run by storing inventory on site.

Laser cutting machine have many different applications ,for textile ,fabric ,metal and etc ,However, do you know laser cutting machine for panties cutting ?

laser cutting panties

Panties in American English are a form of underwear usually worn by women. Panties are most often form-fitting, but may also be loose. Typical components include an elastic waistband, a crotch panel to cover the genital area (usually lined with absorbent material such as cotton), and a pair of leg openings that, like the waistband, are often made of elastic. Various materials are used, but are usually chosen to be breathable.

Using laser cutting machine for panties cutting ,can have many different shapes and many different patterns.Can meet many different demands in the market .

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