What Should Consider When You Buy CO2 Laser Cutting Machine ?(1)

What Should Consider When You Buy CO2 Laser Cutting Machine ?(1)

Laser cutting machine,a new machine which use laser technology , is a laser engraver and designer tool that can cut all kind of material ranging from leather to non-metal. Among the industries where you are likely to find a CO2 laser machine in application are fabric industries, leather industries, shoes industries, cutting acrylic and pen engraving industries and so on.

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Although laser cutting machine widely use in so many different industries ,cutting quality may good ,may bad ,most base on quality of laser cutting machine .So it is important to choose a high quality laser cutting machine ,follow me ,this news will share our company experience ,to choose high quality CO2 laser cutting machine.

1. Power
The power output of the machine will determine the amount of work this machine can put in the cutting. A laser cutting machine with a higher cutting power output is capable of cutting a much denser material than an alternative machine with a lower cutting power. Therefore depending on what material you are intending to cut you should be able to pick a machine matching the power required.

Our company Group of Industries provides laser machines of the best quality under the most favorable prices. However, amongst these machines there are slight variations in the capabilities from one type of machine to another. Nevertheless, you should always strive to buy certified machines from legit companies and never buy counterfeits.

3. Price
Under this factor, your budget will be of the biggest influence. At our company we have an option of customizing your laser cutting machine according to your company requirement and simultaneously providing you the best product with low prices. The major thing you should consider is the amount of work you have for the laser cutting machine you are purchasing and how much you are willing to spend on it.

4. Bed Size
Bed size refers to the X-Y dimensions of the stage where the material intended for cutting is to be placed. This factor is influenced by the size of materials you are dealing with. For eg. Acrylic Industry usually need a machine with a larger work area of 900 x 1300 mm to cut large acrylic sheets. A machine with a larger bed size will have room for cutting huge materials at a go. The size of bed differs with different models under same category.

5. Cooling and Ventilation
Machines tend to heat up when in use due to excessive heat generated from current and friction when moving parts rub against each other and other. It is therefore important to buy a laser cutting machine with appropriate cooling system within to counter this heat. Else, the working environment could become very uncomfortable. Keeping these factors in mind all our machines come with a high quality chiller which when attached gives a proper cooling system with low maintenance.