What Materials Can Be Cutted By Laser Cutting Machine ?(1)

What Materials Can Be Cutted By Laser Cutting Machine ?(1)

Laser cutting machine ,is a new machine for cutting ,because of high cutting effect ,safe cutting operation,more and more popular in industries factories .

As we all know ,so many people tell you ,laser cutting machine have wide applications ,can used for cutting different types materials.So what exactly materials can be cutted by laser cutting machine ? Follow me , tell you specific materials .

Acrylic and plastic cutting Laser cutting plastic is a process used across many industries to create and develop any number of products or designs. We are always developing our existing range of laser cutting machines, one of our latest innovations is our new system developed solely for laser cutting acrylic. This machine has been designed to laser cut plastic of any depth up to 25mm in thickness. Using a Rofin laser, and our specially manufactured motion systems, optics and bespoke software package it creates a smooth, clean and polished edge ideal for laser cutting acrylic which can be used across multiple industries for many different applications.

acrylic cutting

The laser cutting and textiles industries have worked perfectly together for many years now. Due to the sheer versatility of laser cutters and the massively increased material processing speeds they are the ideal match. Laser cut fabrics are used throughout the textile industry for everything from fashion items such as dresses, skirts, jackets and scarves to household products like curtains, sofa covers, cushions and upholstery. Laser cutting is so popular within in the textile industry right now chances are you will have some laser cut fabric products in your home without even knowing! Our laser cutting machines can cut and engrave a wide range of materials including natural and synthetic fabrics from a roll with a much higher production rate than traditional cutting methods.

Our laser cutting machines are used throughout the world for almost every industry. They are used to create technical textiles for the automotive, aerospace, fabric and garment industries as well as many others.
Due to the precise cuts, pattern repeatability and the material processing speeds achievable using our laser cutting machines they have become invaluable assets to many of our customers businesses whilst cutting technical textiles.

Labels are widely use in products like food products ,medical products and etc .Use laser mark machine for labels cutting ,improve quality .

Leather is an incredibly versatile material and is used in laser cutting all around the world for creating a wide range of products including shoes, belts, bags, briefcases, bracelets and wallets.
Both genuine and artificial leather can be laser cut, once cut leather creates a sealed edge on the material which stops any fraying, which is a great advantage over knife cutters. Leather is a notoriously tough material to cut and get a constant cut quality without the use of a laser.

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