Why High Vision Laser Cutting Machine Is More Popular?

Why High Vision Laser Cutting Machine Is More Popular?

Laser cutting machine has so many types,vision laser cutting machine is one of them .This vision laser cutting machine suit for regular shapes,recognite of all patterns once and automatically cutting fabric or leather along its edge solves the problem caused by fabric or leather deformation and stretching.

applications of laser cutting machine

This automatic fabric and leather laser cutting machine applies Canon HD SLR camera installed on the top of machine, which helps the machine identify the patterns on the surface of fabric or leather precisely and avoid the error of splicing the pattern images and the decline in image quality.

This machine applies high-speed belt transmission , high-precision servo motor driving,the device that can feed the fabric and leather automatically so that the cutting speed can be 2.5 times more than that of traditional fabric and leather laser cutting machine.Obviously, it will be your first choice if you want cut the fabric and leather fast and precisely!

Why we choose HD SLR laser cutter machine?

1. Capture all patterns of fabric or leather on the worktable once with the help of HD SLR camera, thus locate the pattern edge and cut the fabric or leather along the edge precisely.

2. Automatically feeding the material

3. Dould servo motors make the machine run fast and cut materials precisely.

4. Imported LGP illumes the worktable from above, the right and left without shadow.

So do you want to choose high vision laser cutting machine for you cutting industry ?All in all ,it will benefit your industry .